Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Martha's Vineyard I

Last week, my grandma and I visited Martha's Vineyard. I'd never been there before, so I was excited as we headed to the Cape (one of my favorite places! We rented a house there in '00 for a family reunion and it was right across the street from the ocean...bliss, I tell you!). I love anything beach- (and ocean-) related and it was a sunny, beautiful day.

As it ended up, I had a hard time actually enjoying the island becuase...well, you know if you read this blog regularly. Nevertheless, I tried! As it ended up, Gma and I took a bus tour- awesome for me because I didn't have to act like I was in the mood to play tourist!

The beginning of our journey- Gma and I loaded onto a huge ferry for a 45 minute ride to the island. It was extremely windy, so we ended up eating our bagged lunch inside instead of on top like we'd planned!

IMG_7877 by you.

I pretty much decided this is my dream house- because look at the views!!
IMG_7882 by you.

IMG_7881 by you.

IMG_7886 by you.

This seagull followed the ferry for a long time as we floated across the ocean
IMG_7887 by you.

During the bus tour, we got lots of ocean views
IMG_7896 by you.

We found a gas tank advertising gas for 49c!!
IMG_7899 by you.

A historic tree on the island- apparently it's called Humphrey's Tree
IMG_7897 by you.

This police station was the schoolhouse for years- not many students, obviously!
IMG_7900 by you.

It's just so beautiful there!
IMG_7912 by you.

I spotted this weathervane on top of a house- thought it was appropriate!
IMG_7940 by you.


IMG_7955 by you.

IMG_7965 by you.

In all my glory, windy hair and all- and then with my gma. Gotta love that background!
IMG_7975 by you.
IMG_7980 by you.

Many more to come later!!


  1. Bee-YOU-ti-ful!!!!
    I want to go there SO BADLY. I'm jealous. :)
    I seriously would have gone their for our honeymoon. Maybe some day.

    Your grandma looks pretty young! Fun. So how close was this to where you were staying? How fun.

  2. What an absolutely beautiful place! I'll have to stow that one in the "places to visit one of these days" file.

  3. Oh wow. Never been there but looks beautiful! I love the pics you took. Visiting from SITS ;)


  4. Hey, you were in my neck of the woods. (I live in RI). I've only been to MV once, but I loved it. Your pictures are fabulous. Love your dream house.

  5. Simply gorgeous! Not jealous at all. ;0P

  6. This looks like a lovely place to visit! I love that gas pump photo =)


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