Sunday, July 12, 2009

Reunion Complete

I'm home (for a few days)...
the laundry/repacking has started
I've begun to Shred again,
I went to bug Hope at work,
Lyn and I went to the Cheesecake Factory for lunch, thanks to one of my students,
I dropped the tables off at school,
hugged and said hello to my (schoolyear) boss...

Life is back to normal, I guess. I'm both relieved and sad the reunion is over.
I'm still sorting through all the photos, but here are a few more I haven't shared yet. It's fun to relive the fun moments through the pictures, that's for sure!

Click on the pictures to enlarge...

Most of us took a trip to Amish Country towards the end of the week. I think there were 25 or so of us. We wandered into a cheese factory and tried tons of different varities of cheese. Across the street is a bread shop where you can also taste (these companies know how to cater to my family!) and the bread shop had fun animal masks for the kids to try on. It was hilarious!

We enlisted the help of my youngest sister and one of my cousins about her age to clean the tables off one day. Smart things they are, the two youngest cousins (2 and almost 3 years old) gladly took the job off their hands. Notice my cousin's face in the bottom left picture as the boys basically just poured water on the table-- oh well, they had fun and it was hot out so it dried!!

While we were in Amish Country, Aidan found a friend- a new girlfriend. Unfortunately, our cousin Erin didn't appreciate the love he showered on her and came to "rescue" the stone girl. Aidan ran quickly away- I suppose he decided she wasn't worth it!

It was a lot of fun to enjoy time in the country again. The clouds, the sunshine, clean air...and of course, feeding the animals who live across the street!


  1. Aw, Great pictures! Aren't you looking quite saucy?! ;) Must be that shredding. Or MAYBE shredded wheats. Ha!

    I love how kids want to clean so badly. The other day, Aidan's reward was to vacuum. Sweet!!! LOL

    Amish country seems so nice. I've never been & want to go.

  2. My class like to clean, too. If only that would last through the teen years! It sounds like you had a wonderful time and the pictures are wonderful. :::visiting from SITS:::

  3. Great pictures! The face masks are just too cute =)

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog! Sso good to meet you!

  5. The look when the poured the water is priceless! Very cute.

  6. Oh, they are too cute! Love the masks. And you have me craving Cheesecake Factory now-- thanks a ton! ;)

  7. You guys look like so much fun!


  8. I love Amish country! Looks beautiful!


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