Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Reunion Continued

For all you kitten lovers, I'll make a post of JUST kitten pictures in a few! I know they are so cute!

Tonight our crew has settled down a little earlier than normal. I'm SO exhausted, as are most people. We've had WAY too many nights of staying up, listening to my mom and her siblings tell stories of their childhood, and there are a few more days to go. We've had gorgeous weather, resulting in sunny skies and plenty of sun to play baseball/frisbee/kickball/wrestle in!
Sometimes if you can't find someone to play with, a shirt will do!

Three of our crew flew out/left today, but one more flew in. Six people leave tomorrow, eight on Thursday, and by some point on Friday just my family will remain. I'll probably stay until Saturday and then head back to Big City for two nights before heading out towards the East Coast for almost a week.

I went into Pittsburgh with one of my uncles and his girlfriend yesterday, which was a lot of fun. I haven't been there in so long! We went up the incline and enjoyed the view- and the weather! I don't have any pictures of us from my camera, they have them all!
We saw a cow on the way home. The crew from Cali thought it was cool.

This morning started out roughly and is another reason why I'm exhausted. I had a total breakdown, was sobbing for a good hour or so, and I HATE crying- especially in front of people. I guess it's a good thing in some ways because my mom and one sister know how left out I was feeling (both of my sisters' boyfriends are at the reunion and have been the whole week, leaving me to feel extremely left behind because I was expecting/hoping to have sisterx3 time) but ugh.

So for that, here's a happier pic of me. Haha.

We've definitely had some excitement! Matt, my sister Amata's boyfriend, attempted to set fire to the field behind my parents' house by throwing a smoke bomb into the hay! (Okay so he didn't do it purposely, but we did have to grab that hose FAST!)

We had a great set of fireworks on the 4th of July, so that was fun!

The next evening (I think? I can't keep the days straight!) we had a breakout of lice, so that made for a flurry of hair inspections, the washing machine working for hours straight, sleeping bags being tied in plastic bags for a few weeks' isolation, a move to a hotel for a few people, a run to the 24 Hr. Wal-Mart for lice-removing hair creme, and lots of tears.

Most of the time though, we've just been enjoying each other's company and lots of fun cousin time!

I took 10 of the kids to get ice cream and three of the girls got "faces" on their cones.


  1. LOVE the fireworks pic. Awesome!

    Looks like a great time, regardless of the emotional time.

  2. Great pictures!! It looks BEAUTIFUL there! Wow. I wanna go.

    I'm sorry it's been an emotional time. If it makes you feel any better, every time I visit my family there are tears involved (usually). I build up expectations in my head, and things never turn out the way I imagine. I know it's heartbreaking.

    Reading about the lice made my head itch. Ew. That is one I really hope we never encounter.

    Oh, ditto to the firework pic being awesome. Impressive!
    And the pics of Pittsburgh made me miss it so much!!

    From reading this I ca tell you'll need a girls' night very soon. I'm on it. :)

  3. I LOVE that ice cream cone!

    Thanks for coming by on my SITS day and making me a happy duckie! I hope you return to the Pond!

  4. The face ice cream cone looks fun and I love the fireworks picture! there are a lot of great pictures in there - and it looks like everyone was having a fun time (emotional break downs around family are to be expected!)

  5. OMG! I love that ice cream cone! So cute.

  6. Hi Bethany!
    So glad you stopped by today! Nice to "meet" you! I love all of your pictures...what fun! Have a great weekend...come back anytime!

  7. Wow! Beautiful pictures! I especially love the view and the shot of the motorcycle! what fun! Sounds like you've (mostly) enjoyed some quality family time.


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