Thursday, July 30, 2009

Since I'm Feeling Generous

The person who comments next on my blog- this post only...

will recieve a coupon from me good for 5 hours use of my Wii!!
You can bowl, race cows, play baseball and golf...
the possibilities really are endless.

The race is on!

In all reality though, today is my co-worker Hope's 35th Birthday. She's not planning to enjoy it at all, since she's working until this evening. In fact, when I offered to make her a cake, her response was,

"I don't want your stinkin cake unless you are going to have a hot guy jump out"

Her wish is my command- I'll update with pictures once I actually make the cake.


  1. I've got my own Wii that I just HAD to have! That now just sits there unloved and unused...

    Tell Hope "Happy Birthday", and I'll be checking back for the stinkin cake!

  2. Happy Birthday to Hope. I'd like one of those cakes too, but I don't think my husband would be willing to jump out of it.

  3. Ha! I need to see this cake.

  4. I'll kick your butt in Wii bowling.


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