Monday, July 27, 2009

Stuff It

I've been wanting to tell a lot of people to 'stuff it' lately. They all mean well, of course- suggesting "helpful" job opportunities...

"You should quit babysitting"
"So, did you find yourself a new job?"
"You should babysit if that's what you're comfortable with"
"Don't work at Kindercare!"
"Did you call So&So Co.?"
"Stinks about your job, doesn't it? The people who let you go are jerks"
"Have you looked on Craigslist?"
"If I were you I'd waitress/ go to the gold co."
"You should work at _______" (Michael's, Kohl's Target, etc.)
"You're so good with kids you'll find something"
"Have you found anything yet?"

To each of those people I have replied sweetly as possible- i enjoy it so no, no, i agree, we'll see, no, i agree, yes every hour, you're not me/when this happens to you feel free to do that, not worth it for four weeks, thanks for the confidence/ i hope so, nope!

But to them all, as a collective group? I want to say STOP!!!!!!!

Sigh. Glad we got that over and done with. I know people mean well, really and truly I do. It's just that when you have 50+ people offering their advice, and it's all conflicting, it's overwhelming.

Vent over.


  1. Easy solution.
    Just listen to me. I am ALWAYS right. Just ask Pat.

  2. No way, don't listen to sharon because EYE am always right.

  3. I hear ya. I sometimes feel like everyone is trying to tell me how to live my life and instead of appreciating their comments, it just makes me feel defensive!


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