Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Walks in the dark

This is going to be a completely random post...just fits with how my life is lately!


The other day, I not-so-wisely decided to take a walk at 8:30 in the evening. I started out on a route I've taken, a few times before with Aniya but eventually veered off to the left, the opposite of the way we usually go. I rounded behind a few side streets, assuming they were going to circle around and I'd be home way before dark. However, I kept walking, it got darker, and soon I found myself on a main road a few miles from my house. Eventually I made it home, but it was probably close to 10 PM! Yesterday I spoke to Aniya on the phone and explained this new, cool walking route we could take next time we walk together. She agreed to go, but only if we begin at 9 am, giving us twelve hours to make it home again before dark. Sheesh. No faith, I tell you!!


In the bright summer sunshine while babysitting earlier this week, the little girl I was watching and I had fun with bubbles. Of course, eventually most of the soap ended up on my legs, but hey, that's what pools are for!

IMG_8570 by you.


While putting the same babysitting charge to bed, I felt someone watching. I was sure of it.

Suddenly I heard a voice,

"Are you putting the baby to bed?" it asked in a gruff tone.

"Yes, deer!" I replied.

IMG_8606 by you.

Yep, I am definitely a lunatic lately. No wonder people like Aniya say they have no faith in me! ;-)


  1. She is a cute little girl! Your walk sounds like something we would do.

  2. Leigha and I played with bubbles too on Monday :-) Well..actually I think I played more with them while she just watched me...haha!


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