Friday, July 10, 2009

Your Questions Answered

A long time ago, I promised to answer these questions and never did...whoops! I figured I better complete that, pronto! ;)

From Megan: Where do you see yourself in five years??
In my dream world-- let's see. That would be July '14. I would have gotten married in May '10...had a biological child and adopted one too. I'd be a SAHM w/ the kiddos, probably dabbling in my candlemaking (selling them?) and hopefully still blogging!

In the real world, I'll be 29. I can see myself working in an orphanage overseas, or in the process of adopting- possibly both! Most likely, I'll still be single. LOL.

From Skittles: Why did you name your blog what you did?
Originally it was "Bethany's Paradise"...but after a while, I thought that was too boring. I changed it to "Striving to Be Bold" in April of 2008. I actually wrote more about why here.

From Kilax: Of all the places you have traveled, where would you love to live permanently?
Ohh...that's hard! I'm going to have to go with Ireland. I can see myself living there at some point. It's so beautiful!

From Future Mama: What's your favorite food?
PIZZA! Pizza! pizza!
Aside from that, a "real food"- chicken parmesean. OY. That would probably be the meal I'd request in prison as my "last meal". Not that I'd ever BE in prison to begin with...

Thanks for participating, ladies!


  1. That's so great that you want to adopt one day. Do you think you will even if you don't get married?? I have always wanted to adopt to, and it is such an interesting prospect to me.

  2. My daughter wants to adopt when she's older, she's 17 now. She feels that there are so many children needing to be loved, and needing a mom, why keep them waiting? She wants to adopt a child from Africa or Russia.

    I love the title of your blog. It was a good change.

    And Bethany, you're young, beautiful, will find the person who loves you. It took me 33 years! Don't give up.

  3. oh no no, I could see you in prison. Ha!!! j/k
    I do love some pizza and chicken parmesan, too. Pizza is something I can't get sick of. Even frozen.

    I like your future predictions. Except I do disagree on the single part.


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