Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Boyfriends & Beaches


My friend Sharon, her husband and their two adorable little boys came to visit me last week, the same day I headed back to Rhode Island. We had a great time exploring Easton, and my boyfriend Aidan and I got our picture taken together.
IMG_8647 by you.
Aidan told me two secrets while we were in Barnes & Noble playing with trains that morning. Obviously, I can't share them, but one has to do with a superhero. Freakin' Adorable. ;-)
IMG_8651 by you.
Anyway, I love this fam- everytime we get together, I have a blast and hopefully they do too!

Once I finally arrived in Rhode Island, it was early Saturday and rainy. Yuck- but later that day, the sky had brightened and it was gorgeous out so we spent the day at the beach.
IMG_8704 by you.

Afterwards, all ten of us had dinner at Ruby Tuesday as a send off- early the next morning (as in we had a 6 AM flight) Lily and I left my favorite ocean state. Sadly, I don't think I'll make it back there again this summer, although I would LOVE to.
IMG_8700 by you.
Since I got back to BC, life has been busy. The afternoon we arrived home, Mom, Dad, Lily, Rachael and I all went to a nearby Irish festival. Had I been more awake, I'm sure I would have absolutely loved it- as it was, I had a great time anyway! That evening, I babysat three kids whose parents were on their way back from Mexico, and yesterday spent the day with Kendall, an adorable two year old. At least I'm keeping busy, even if it's not in the way I expected this summer!


  1. Beautiful!!! I would love to go there. Gosh, I think I'd have such a hard time leaving.

    That pic of you & your boyfriend is cute. ;) He says hi, btw. *wink*

    Summer is coming to an end fast, isn't it?

  2. aww yep, I love big families! The hard part about being the oldest is missing out on the younger ones growing up!

  3. Wow, how fun and great pics!

  4. Oh man what beach is that? It looks awesome, I need to find me some good beaches in little rhodey.


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