Monday, August 10, 2009

Island Breeze

Parts I and II

When I left off, we were enjoying the sunshine on a peaceful beach on Block Island...ahh
IMG_8226 by you.

IMG_8220 by you.

We meandered around the island a little more, wandering out of shops like this one, which reminded me of one of my favorite bloggy friends... (although the shop has some very interesting things on display...yi!)
IMG_8322 by you.

Lissa and I even dragged Lily into a library on the island. It was such an adorable little one, just like you'd expect to find on an island. Lily was not impressed, although she did laugh when my now defunct iPod randomly blasted out some music, alerting the librarians that we were certainly a group of goofy girls vacationing and not your normal island-living family!!
IMG_8324 by you.

We also found a candy store, reveling in the fact that they sold candy I grew up on. Lily and I got PopRocks- and thus began a VERY silly photoshoot-
IMG_8325 by you.

This is actually me, although it doesn't look like it!
IMG_8326 by you.

We then headed towards the ferry dock, all the while listening to my cousin Lissa bemoaning the fact that she was given a child's ticket- she had just turned 13, but is on the small side. I can hear it now, "Can you believe they gave me a child's ticket?!?!" On the upside, she saved us money!
IMG_8328 by you.

As we bid goodbye the island, I snapped a few shots of the picturesque landscape, just one last time
IMG_8336 by you.

The ferry back to the mainland (I love saying that!) was quick and peaceful
IMG_8387 by you.

IMG_8362 by you.

We ended our wonderful day by watching this little mister (my godson, Aidan) perform some very silly dance moves...he's hysterical!
IMG_8421 by you.

IMG_8423 by you.

IMG_4304 by you.

We also took a walk...this is the view from my relatives' neighborhood. I want to live there!
IMG_8459 by you.


  1. great images!

  2. Your ocean pics are beautiful!

    In defense of the ticket-seller, you two do look like you're all of 12 in that picture! And I say that with the utmost respect . . . and envy ; )

  3. Beautiful.
    The pictures are breath-taking (especially that one of you w/ the Pop Rocks in your mouth;)

    I really want to go there now. Thanks for adding another place to my list.

  4. Looks like great fun!

    Love the pop rock candy, so fuN! :)

  5. More excellent pictures! Really gorgeous. And Aidan is just adorable. Great dancer, too!

  6. Beautiful pictures! I love the one of the sun, sky and water.

  7. Love the pics! So pretty there! I want to visit! Your GodSon is so adorable!!! :D

  8. Wow, seriously this place looks amazing!

  9. ohhhh...I need to see the beach this year. This is the next best thing though!

  10. Beautiful pictures! I feel very lucky because of where I live, but then I see photos like this and I just get a teensy bit envious.

  11. I adore aidan, especially the picture of him on the floor. How cute!


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