Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Not All Sunshine & Beaches

IMG_8617 by you.
I've been busy...trying to remember which family I'm babysitting what time on what day- the 4:30s/5s/6s all blend together after a while- double and triple checking my schedules and directions, times and kids. The good news is that by Sunday, I'll have completed seven days of babysitting in nine days- so not too bad! I'm thankful to have SOMETHING to fill some of these days. I'm SO BORED. 29 Days till school starts. Not that I'm counting or anything...

I spent the day organizing all of my papers after I somehow missed paying a bill- I NEVER do that, so obviously it threw me for a loop. The good news is that everything is now caught up, papers are filed, extraneous items from my travels put away, and my apartment looks like this again- which it hasn't for a while!

Lyn moved Sunday. I feel like I've lost my best friend- which is true, given she is truly one of my best friends and one I've been privileged to spend the last year and a half together multiple times a week, even more in the past few months. She's made it safely to her destination, but it doesn't make it hurt less. I'm going to have to find some more groups to get involved in or something, because I feel very lonely.

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Lyn and I had one last adventure- we went kayaking together a few weeks ago. We drove to my parents' house in the middle of the night (arriving at 3 am!) and I wrangled my parents' 15 passenger van around country roads to a beautiful lake I'd driven by but never kayaked on. My brother recently purchased two of his own kayaks and he was away on a trip, so I took the opportunity to borrow them for a day. We had a great time, and the lake was a good size!

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And while we may have had an entertaining afternoon, it doesn't heal the pain of wishing my friends all lived closer. I long to go back to my childhood, when I had two friends within a quarter mile and another a half hour away. None of this people living all over the country business!!


  1. kayaking! i'm so jealous! love the pictures!

  2. My Boyfriend is taking me kayaking next weekend.

    My first time!!


  3. I'm sorry you're lonely. You know you can come visit us ANY time, but I know it's not a close drive. But seriously, if you have time before school starts, it could FUN. :) We could rent 17 Again if you're interested in that movie. Or something. We'd see so much more of you if if we were closer. :(

    It's hard. Being lonely is why my DVR is always full, but even tv watching gets old.
    Hang in there! Getting sick of hearing that yet?


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