Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Random Thursday Post

Today is Thursday, right? I can barely keep track lately! I usually visit my family over a weekend, but I was there from Sunday to Tuesday this week, so that didn't help.

I went to school yesterday to begin organizing and putting the room back together. The first year, Aniya prepared the room by herself because I was on vacation (surprise, surprise!). Last year, Cara and I bonded over the organization and re-organized together. This year, I'm alone in the task until my boss hires someone for me to work with. Awesome girl that Cara is, she offered to come help me for a while yesterday, so we brought all the furniture down and placed it where it will at least begin the year- last year, we ended up completely rearranging the classroom at some point in the school year. She was only with me for an hour, though, and after I dropped her off and returned to school, I just wasn't feeling the "organize alone" I invited myself to paint in Hope & Cara (other Cara!)'s room. The three of us get along very well and it ended up being quite fun. Hope doesn't like to paint so Cara and I painted while Hope cleaned.

Afterwards we were all talking and realized that Hope is house sitting very close to where I was babysitting Chubster. She'll be house sitting for a few weeks, so we took Chubster for a walk around the neighborhood together last night- she was literally only two streets away, within walking distance!

So anyway, that's what I've been up to...nothing interesting at this point. I'm making a mental list of things I need for my trip next week but haven't packed or organized anything yet. That will probably be done Tuesday!

Oh, I know one thing I was going to ask you! I had a dream a few nights ago that all my pictures and music suddenly disappeared off my computer, and it completely freaked me out, as well as reminded me that I need to get some sort of backup for my computer. Some of my friends use an external hard drive-- anyone else have one? I'm planning on bringing my computer on our trip and it would probably be a good idea to backup everything before we leave. Any ideas on what is best??

Oh, and do you like the new blog design?!? I'm not sure I'm used to it yet, because it's definitely quite a change, but I do like it. Still-- do you??

Hope everyone has a great day- I'll try and take pictures of my classroom today if I finish!


  1. We have a maxtor external hard drive for backups and it's been fine. I've not heard anything about any particular brand being bad so just keep your eye on the ads for one at a good price. You can usually find one discounted at one of the big box electronic stores. Online would also be cheaper if you don't mind waiting a few days for shipping.

  2. PB commented!!!!!

    I like the new blog look. It's very peaceful & calm, although I LOVED the monkeys.

    Chubster sounds like a cute kid. How old is he?

  3. Yes, I like the design and Yes, I couldn't sleep at night without knowing I had backed up all my pics on my external hard drive.

  4. it's beachy! i love beachy! :)
    (yes I love the new design.)

  5. The new design is really cute! We use an external hard drive to back everything up and then put that in a fireproof safe. I would be devastated if all of our pictures and videos were lost.


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