Saturday, August 22, 2009

Second Mom

I am the second mommy to an adorable eleven month old I refer to as Chubster. And by that, I don't mean *I* think I'm his second mom- his mother introduces me to her friends and co-workers as such. It's a title I'm proud to carry!

Yesterday, I had him from 8a on and we had a blast together! His daycare was closed for a random day, so his parents asked if I was available to watch him all day. Seeing as I've cared for him at least once a week since he was four weeks old, I jumped at the chance.

I remember meeting Chubster and his parents. It was last September, and Chubster was only two weeks old. I had been in contact with a lot of babysitting families, as September is when I launched my crazy babysitting days here in BC. I knew I was meeting another potential family after work, but didn't necessarily know how many children were involved or how old they were. I pulled up to their house and noticed a new baby sign out front, proclaiming that Chubster had been born on September 10th. I remember thinking, "Oh wow, that's a NEW baby! I wonder if they have any other kids or if it's just Chubster?"

It was, in fact, just Chubster. I sat on one couch in their living room, and Chubster's parents sat on another very formally. They held my resume, and an official interview commenced. I answered honestly, wanting every second to just get up and look at the baby! As it ended up, he woke up as I was leaving and I eagerly asked if I could hold him.

And they were sold, apparently because I looked like a natural. Sometimes growing up surrounded by babies pays off! ;)

Anyway, typically I babysit Chubster in the evenings, since his parents work and and usually, so do I. Yesterday was absolutely wonderful. It brought me back to the days of nannying my family in MA. When the older boys were at school, Little Miss (ironically, she was the same age as Chubster is now when I began with them) and I would run all over the East Coast. Just so, Chubster and I were all over the place yesterday!

We hit up Sbux, where Cara met Chubster for the first time. She had heard about him all through last year, and she proclaimed him "so cute!" and "adorable little chubby guy"- haha.

After that, we went to school because I had to talk over the roster with my boss. There were a few children's names on the list that I couldn't decipher- was Loren a boy or girl? boy. What about Iraav? boy. Yea, names like those. I think my boss was looking at Chubster as a potential student in a few years- introducing herself as Mrs. R, etc. Way funny.

Chubster and I spent the next hour hanging out with Aniya. Aniya babysat Chubster a few times this summer while I was out of town, so when I called to let her know I had him all day, she practically commanded me to bring him over! We played ball (rolling, that is) with him, took him around the pond to watch the ducks, laughed at his silly faces, and fed him lunch together. The focus was definitely on Chubster, but it was good to catch up with Aniya as well.

Later in the afternoon, Chubster and I visited Hope at her other work place, an antique store not far from Chubster's house. He slept the whole time-- and he's getting heavy!!

Ahh...we had such a fun day together, and I appreciate the fact that Chubster is such a happy-go-lucky guy, eager to meet new people. It was so sad to come back to my eerily quiet apartment though-- I can't wait to have kids of my own making noise and creating chaos! Someday...

For now though? I'm okay with being his second mommy!

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  1. Hey, you left out the part about being utterly exhausted by 8 pm! LOL
    I just like it when others admit kids are so very tiring. Ha ha.

    I know you're a great 2nd mom, and one day you'll be an even more amazing "real" mom. I don't always crave the noise & chaos as you do, but I know I'll miss it this week.

    Enjoy it while you can. :)


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