Tuesday, August 18, 2009


I'm back in BC again, but not for long! As of Sunday, the plan is that I'll be here for another week. I have plenty to keep me busy- four babysitting jobs (two of which are all day jobs), cleaning and organizing my classroom, creating cubby and cot tags, setting up the classroom tables, creating the attendance book with dates & students' names, contact paper-ing all the tags and attendance book, and planning a trip that will take me places I've never been before- but more about that later! ;)

I did get some sad news that was confirmed this afternoon by my boss- my co-teacher Cara won't be returning to school to teach with me this year. She was hoping/planning to come back, but due to her education & classes, I'm left in the same situation as last year when Aniya left. I'm sure it will all work out, but it's a bit scary not knowing who will be my partner in crime!! Most likely I won't meet him/her until the day before school starts-- EEK! Prayers would definitely be appreciated in that area. While I've been blessed with two wonderful co-teachers the past two years, I just never know with a complete stranger. Hopefully, I'll gain another friend as I did with Cara and Aniya!


  1. Lord,

    I pray you will bless Bethany with someone really special to be her partner teacher this next school year. Help her to trust you for the outcome and for this upcoming school year. Give her love for her students and an ability to show your love to them.

    In Jesus Name I pray,

  2. Prayers for you & the new co-worker.

    But alright, missy!! No more stalling! Do tell where you are going. No holding back from me!


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