Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Animal Love

My boss, co-teacher Jessa and I were chatting for a while after school ended yesterday, just catching up on how all of the kids seem to be doing after a week of school.

My boss mentioned that she loves watching the children and teachers bond at the beginning of the school year. I can imagine how entertaining that would be! The first day of school is always hectic, with kids running all over the playground when they are supposed to be in line, not knowing what line they are supposed to be in or even who their teacher is. Five days in, the majority of the children have figured it out for themselves and it's smooth sailing. Children who cried on the first day are now hesitant to leave school at all.

Adam is always an entertainer- I could write about him every day and never run out of stories. Yesterday, he and another child were playing with a worm. When Eamon had to leave and go home, he gently and carefully turned the care of the obviously special worm over to Adam and bid them both goodbye. An hour or so later, it was time for us to go inside and clean, meaning Mr. Worm needed to go back to his earthy home rather than sit in the plastic food container they'd given him. Before placing Mr. Worm into the ground, though, Adam needed to tell him goodbye of course.

So he kissed him.

Adam KISSED the worm.

So very peacefully, so gently, but he still kissed him.


  1. EWWW!!! Did YOU kiss HIM afterward?

  2. oh, EW
    this is precisely why I taught middle school
    (although what they do is probably grosser...)

  3. Yuck!! But I do love the fact that there is another little boy out there named Eamon :)

  4. awww. worm or not i love that story! i love sweet boy stories! visiting from SITS and new follower

  5. That story is so cute yet so disgusting at the same time.


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