Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Destination: St. Louis


Gpa: is finally waking up and staying awake more. He was having trouble breathing possibly due to his pain meds being too high. My dad will be heading there again this weekend to see how he's doing, but since he's not out of the hospital yet, we'll be staying home.

Jessa: Will be back at work on Friday- at least that's what the rumor around work is!


I finally pulled myself and some pictures together, so here are the beginning tales of my trip out west with my brother! Truthfully, there are no exciting tales from the first day because it went very smoothly...but the pictures are pretty anyway :)

When my brother and I I planned out our trip, I wanted to hit as many states as possible that I'd never been to. We probably could have saved a few (but really, what's a few extra hours in the car after 44?) heading the northern route through Montana and the Dakotas...but this way, we saw so many states!

A few short hours after our departure, we began racking up the newly-visited states. By the end of the day, we'd traveled through Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Missouri, Kansas (we went in a few miles just to say we'd been there!), Iowa and the time we stopped driving for a few hours of sleep, we'd been on the road 16 solid hours!

Backing up, though. I drove for most of the first day. My brother, having decided he hadn't had enough sleep the night before, slept...and slept. I kept myself entertained by taking photos of myself, landscapes, billboards and roadside sillies...and of course, my sleeping brother.
Heading into Indianapolis

I like frogs, so I found this one SO CUTE!

A cow...LOL

This town name cracked me up. I don't even remember what state we were in!

We stopped at a gas station literally in the middle of nowhere. I think it was closed. Just our luck!

By nightfall, we'd seen St. Louis, a city I've had a few airport layovers in but had never driven through before. The arch is so pretty!

A few more hours of driving through cornfields...

Before we knew it, the sun was setting on our first day of driving. We'd pass through tiny bits of Kansas and Iowa in the dark and sleep for a few hours in Nebraska before sunrise!


  1. I love it! Those are the kinds of pics I take.

  2. What Fun! And I love it - "Effingham." LOL

  3. That's so funny the pictures you took. I love the sleeping brother, Effingham, and self portrait!, LOL.

    But those pictures of the sunset were GORGEOUS!!! Just breathtaking:)

    16 hours girl??? Holy cow!!

  4. Oooh I love your Blog Design and the trip looks like a lot of fun. I've been to St.Louis. Went through it with Greyhound. Good times :)

  5. Pretty pictures, especially that last one. I envy people who have the patience to sit in a car and drive all day. Ugh!!!

    (visiting from SITS)

    - Margaret

  6. This would be the blog you stopped by not the one I signed in with and left the first comment...but feel free to stop by the other as well.

  7. Well, i don't know where the first comment went. Oops.

    So, here's a recap. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. It's nice to "meet" new people.

    The blog I was referring to that i thought I left the other comment from is

  8. Ahhh, the arch. Love it.


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