Monday, September 07, 2009


Wow, I feel like I've been gone foreeeeeever. Which in some ways, I guess I have. This summer has been nothing short of a blur, beginning and ending in ways I hadn't thought to consider.

School starts Wednesday. When my brother and I were at church on Saturday evening, one of the altar servers reminded me of a certain little boy who kept me very entertained last year. I miss him! A little girl I passed in one of the five airports I visited yesterday could have been the twin of one of my other students. I'm ready!

Before school begins though, I have a lot to do. I need to grocery shop for lunch food, since the food left in my refrigerator over the past two weeks has somehow gone bad. Darnit! There are three lists of students' names just waiting to be typed, but I need to wait until I confirm the lists with my boss- kids are still coming and going for the school year, I guess. Laundry needs to be cleaned and put away, there are blogs to read, library books to return (I read a TON on the trip, yay!), and countless emails regarding babysitting to return.

Of course, I also have multiple stories and many, many pictures of my travels to share with you-- they're coming eventually, just bare with me!!

Hope everyone has a great labor day!


  1. I always love teachers that love my boys!I'll be 100 years old and still feel tremendous love built up for those big-hearted teachers who built up my boys, taught them, and cared for them. Have a blessed year--by the way, we just moved,too. We don't have internet yet, and it is driving me NUTS!

  2. Welcome home!! Yay!!! You're back!! Phone date soon, indeed. :)

  3. What a great and busy summer you have had!! Glad you are back:)


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