Friday, September 18, 2009

Interesting Turn

After working with me for seven days, my new co-teacher Jessa is leaving temporarily because her college age daughter was hospitalized out West. We're not sure how long she'll be gone, so hopefully the kids will be well behaved. Send up some prayers that her daughter will be okay (they are thinking it's appendicitis last I heard).

In addition, I have next Friday off because we're heading East to see my Alzheimer- afflicted grandfather- "we" being most of my family that is. Hopefully, Jessa will be back by then but if not my boss will be pulling a double duty!

In other news, I got burned on my forearm by my oven on Sunday. I think it's a second degree burn, but it's healing okay (I think???). I don't really know much about burns...thankfully, I'm taking a First Aid class in the beginning of October. A great class, just being held a little too late for me. ;) The burn is a good size, a triangle about 2x2x1 inches. I've been keeping it covered because, well, I won't go into details. About 50 kids every day at school ask what happened- you'd think the exciting news would have traveled down the preschool grapevine by now.

I know at least one of my blog readers is (very patiently!) waiting for me to post pictures of my trip West. It's coming, it's coming. My sisters Shae and Amata are coming for a visit tonight and will be here through the weekend, but I'll try to get at least part of it up before the beginning of next week! Hope everyone has a great weekend- I have NO clue what we'll be doing!


  1. Hope her daughter is OK.

    You guys should go to the movies! That's always my idea of a good time. :) Oh! See The Time Traveler's Wife, or Juliw & Julia (whatever it's called).

    I don't knot. But have fun! And heal arm!

  2. second degree is deep! Hope it heals well - burns are the worst. My husband got a deep second degree burn on his foot a couple of years back that took months to heal and almost needed grafts. It was deeeesgusting. :)

  3. Oh wow. I hope Jessa's daughter gets better!

    I am just as bad as a kid. I would be asking about your arm too! Hope it feels better soon :)

  4. Praying for her daughter.

  5. Will certainly be praying for peaceful children for you and for healing for her daughter....

    and for your burn to be healed as well!!

    Many blessings~

  6. Hoping that both Jessa's daughter and your arm are back to normal soon.


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