Thursday, September 10, 2009

Tales from the first day of school

We've had two days of school now. I almost don't want to say anything to jinx myself... but it's going wonderfully! This year is quite different from the previous two I've worked at my school for a few reasons:

1) the economy-- more people are choosing to put their kids, especially kinders, in public school, resulting in
2) less kids overall in the school, meaning
3) less kids in my lunchroom, making
4) a happier/ less stressed me!

In the afternoons last year, we had about twenty kids, eight of whom were kindergarteners. This year, we have eighteen kids total at that time of day, and only ONE is a kindergartener-- a young, slightly immature one who fits in pretty well with the young kids! Ahhh...

Also, our lunch room is sooo much quieter (so far). We'll have about 22/23 kids total this year and had close to 30 last year. Seriously, when the kids are 2.5- 6 years old, that number difference completely changes the dynamic of the room! In addition, my lunch room has lost a few "high maintenance" kiddos. So far, the room is younger and quieter!

And naptime? Oh my goodness. I ran across my post from last year regarding the first few days of naptime. This year and last are like night and day! Our first day all but two or three kids fell asleep, and today they ALL fell asleep. EVERY ONE OF THEM! It was nothing short of glorious!

Anyway, I have lots of kidisms to share, so I'll post them tomorrow before work. Work- yay, I have a steady job again!


  1. glad it's going well so far! enjoy those little monkeys :0)

  2. I hope the rest of the year goes this well! :)


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