Friday, September 25, 2009

Waking in Nebraska

After our first looong day on the road, my brother and I stopped around 3 in the morning (of course, I have no idea what time zone anymore- I don't know if it was 3 am Eastern, or Central...oh well, stick with me!) to gaze at the wide open space in Nebraska. I woke from a deep sleep when my brother stopped driving on a gravel road in the middle of nowhere, but I'll remember the scene forever. The sky was SO wide and open...of course, my camera does not have the ability to capture the wideness of sky and stars at three am...

Around five or six, my brother stopped driving in North Platte, Nebraska. We'd been on the road for sixteen hours, so we both fell asleep in a truck lot until the sun rose. Come morning, it was gorgeous!
IMG_9279 by you.

After freshening up just a bit, we hit the road again. It was a beautiful day for the first half hour or so, and we passed farm after farm. I'm from the country so usually farms don't faze me, but it was so early and with a light fog, the scene was gorgeous!
IMG_9287 by you.

However, it soon became REALLY foggy-- almost eerily foggy.

IMG_9306 by you.

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That lasted about ten minutes, and suddenly we were back in the sunshine. I seriously have no idea what all the fog was about but it was WEIRD!

IMG_9289 by you.

IMG_9345 by you.
The plains became fields and fields with just a few towns scattered throughout. For the most part, this was the boring part of the day!

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As we got closer to the Wyoming state border, the scenery began to change some.

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And then, six miles from the Nebraska/Wyoming border, the car broke down.
IMG_9354 by you.

We were so close...although from the scenery, you can tell there isn't much around!


  1. Ohhh the midwest. My parents used to live in Denver and I went to college in Chicago, so we'd drive FOREVER through Nebraska. So boring. My dad used to say that in the midwest if you drive up onto interstate overpass you can see the whole state. :)

  2. Those are seriously gorgeous pictures! I mean frameworthy!

  3. The scenery is so beautiful!

    I hate driving in fog like that! I am always afraid a deer is going to jump out in front of my car!

  4. Beautiful pics but oh man the car!

  5. Lovely scenery. Hope you got the car fixed quickly...

  6. Wow, those pictures are gorgeous!!! What beautiful scenery to look at as you were driving along. But yeah the fog coming out of nowhere was kinda's something out of a horror movie!

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! Hope you'll be back again soon!

  7. Oh, no!! But the pictures are amazing!!

  8. Love the pictures absolutely beautiful!!

  9. Thanks for stopping by my blog. Feel free to drop by for anytime. : )
    Your pictures are lovely. My kids love St. Louis. They won't go up to the top of the arch though!

  10. Those pictures are fantastic! It was fun to read your captions, explaining each one. Thanks for stopping by my blog, too. :)

  11. Beautiful.
    Thanks for stopping by and leaving me some bloggy love. =)
    ~ AquarianJwl

  12. Thanks for stopping by my blog today! This post really brought back memories for me! I loved driving through Wyoming - just gorgeous.

  13. That scenery looks familiar since I'm in Wyoming ;)

  14. beautiful pictures... Sorry the car broke down...Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  15. Thanks for stopping by my blog last night! I hope that means the broken down car was only a momentary pause in your trek! Have a great rest of the trip. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful photos.

  16. Love your blog.. im following now!!!

  17. What a wonderful trip - great pictures!


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