Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Welcome to Washington!

Photo from Bellingham, Washington 8/09

I have lots of photos to share with you, but they've been put on hold.

School starts tomorrow! I've picked up library books, the attendance book is (almost) complete (I'm just waiting to talk to my boss to finalize all three of my class lists), and we have an open house tonight. I'm excited to meet the new students, not to mention my new co-teacher. Most of all, though, I'm ecstatic to hug all of my students from last year, complimenting them on how much they've grown all summer (because I know they have!).

In the meantime though, here's a slightly funny story from my travels West.

We (my brother Sam and I) arrived in his new town around 2:30 in the morning on August 29th. We'd traveled 2850 miles across 13 states in the past two and a half days, and we were exhausted. We drove around for a while, but around 3:30 am decided to pull over in a gravel truck lot aside a gas station and sleep for a few hours until daylight. We fell asleep.

Around 4:30, I started to hear sirens through my sleep. First one, then two, three more. I opened one eye slightly, only to find flashing lights all around. Almost immediately, I heard a gruff voice say "Hey, has anyone talked to these people over here? There's a guy and a girl sleeping in a car..." and then a flashlight in my eyes as a cop pounded on my brother's window.

"Yikes", I thought. "We're screwed, we're going to get arrested!!!" was my first thought, truthfully.

The officer asked for my brother's ID, inquired as to what we were doing sleeping in a car, why we were in Washington, etc. and then asked us if we'd seen someone in a sweatshirt running away from the gas station within the past fifteen minutes.


We hadn't, of course, because we'd been sleeping, so we reiterated that for a few minutes. After a few more questions, the officer left.

As it turns out (I found out later and found a newspaper article to this effect), there had been an armed robbery at the gas station. ARMED ROBBERY! We are seriously so lucky that this armed robber didn't choose to hijack our car or something!!

And that was our introduction to the state of Washington. Exciting, to say the least!


  1. Scary! Were you able to fall back asleep afterward?

  2. Oh my GOSH!!!! Bethany!!! Crazy kids.
    I am so glad you guys weren't involuntarily involved. (or voluntarily, for that matter;)

    I want to only believe great things about Washington, though. I must block this out.

  3. Not exactly a warm welcome. Glad you are both safe!

  4. How scary!! I am so glad you are okay! No more sleeping in cars! (I am giving you my stern mommy face!)


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