Tuesday, October 06, 2009

1 Minute Snapshot

Matty, our youngest napper this year, "helping" wake Leon up,
(whispering) "Leon. Leon...wake up, Leon." (seriously SO sweet) and then
(yelling) "LEON! It's SNACK time!!!!!"

Leon's head popped up like popcorn.
"I looove snack!"
(If only I woke up that easily!)


I was subbing this morning- and I'll be subbing tomorrow morning...and my sister Rachael is visiting, which is why I'm unusually scarce! I knew Rachael was coming, but both of the sub dates were unplanned.

While subbing this morning, a new little guy needed my help, so he called, "Teacher, teacher!"
I asked him what my name was, and he puckered his lips for a minute before saying,

"Miss Teacher with the bright blue shirt!!"


My new co-teacher has mistakenly been called "Miss Brownie" a few times this year, as well as "Miss Cupcake" and "Miss Muffin". I finally asked the kids if I could have a sweet nickname too, so I am also known as

"Miss Strawberry Milkshake"

just in case you need another name for me! ;)

And now it's off to bed. Rachael and I were at school for eleven hours today- yikes!


  1. And waking up that happy. It seriously takes me about 15 minutes to pry myself out of bed, lol

  2. I wish I always got to be woken up to a snack! I usually want one after I wake up ;)

    I love the new nickname!

  3. I love it, Miss Strawberry Milkshake!

  4. Kids say the cutest things. I bet you could keep a notebook full, and at the end of the have filled up with little snippets like that:)


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