Monday, October 26, 2009

How Darn Cute...

Remember when I told you that Jessa and I were making these shirts for ourselves and our co-worker Amy for Halloween?

We tiedyed them this morning and I had the chance to reminisce a little- I used to tiedye ALL the time as a teen. In fact, one of my youngest sister Rachael's first outfits was a onesie tiedyed by me. If I remember correctly, it didn't fit her until she was about one... I vividly recall taking this picture of her...oh the things she had to go through.


Anyway, the point is that I tiedyed a lot as a teen. I even sold tiedyed sheets, name it. I thought I was cool.

That moo (haha, anyone watch "Friends"??) point aside, the theme for Halloween at school this year is jeans a Halloween shirt. Neither Jessa nor I owned one (a Halloween shirt that is, we're good on the jeans, thanks!) so we decided to be a little creative and tiedye ours, inviting Amy to join in the fun. We'll paint the faces on tomorrow but I think they're cute even like this!




And...more on this later, because I'm literally covered in pumpkin goo still, but we're carving/decorating pumpkins with our 20 afternoon kids- here's the first carving. I am the Carve Master, while Jessa is in charge of the painting. Haha. I'll write more on it later, but I'm having a blast! Some of the kids have never done this before...but we're a fun school, and we like to dig in and get messy!



  1. those are SO cute.
    I have never tie-dyed in my life.
    And now I want your shirt.

  2. Love the shirts. They look great and I totally got the "moo point" reference :)

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I LOVE the quote before your comments. LOVE IT. I also love the title of your blog. Totally makes me think of "Casting Crowns" song "somewhere in the middle". If only we could all be bold :)

  3. They turned out so well!!! You are so crafty. My kids would love you for their mom. lol

    Carving that many pumpkins?! Crazy. Are your arms sore?
    Shred? I think not! Carve a million pumpkins like Bethany!!!!

    Btw, I miss you. We need to meet up soon.

  4. Found you through Shannon's site...

    Glad I stopped by. You have a darling place here, and, yes, those shirts are too cute!

  5. Your shirts look great!!! I've only tie-dyed once and it was a total disaster!!!!


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