Thursday, October 08, 2009

I Miss My Life!

Miss Strawberry Milkshake, reporting for, posting.

The teacher hat is the only one I've worn all week. I miss my lazy mornings, watching entertaining shows at night, catching up on blogs and well, having a life! The swine flu hit the son of one of our teachers, so I've been subbing every morning (man, I miss sleeping in). I've been putting in 10-11 hour days and today Jessa was out sick. She's heading to the doctor tomorrow to see if what she has is also the swine flu. I sent a little girl from school home with a 100.4 fever at 4 pm, a significant number of my lunchers are ill...needless to say, things have been chaotic here.

Tomorrow's Friday even if I have to sub Monday morning, I have a few days to recoup before starting this all over again. I'm heading to my parents' countryside home (as in, they live in a field) to attempt a relaxing weekend. Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze in some time to blog and read your blogs. They're all piled up in my handy dandy Google Reader!

One cute kidism from today:
Before nap, I was just plum out of patience and sat myself down in the nap room for two minutes while my boss, realizing I was at the end of my rope, read a book to my students. After nap, I was stacking cots, laying out blankets for the kids to roll/fold and tying shoelaces as fast as I could. Jake began to get impatient so I asked him to sit on a chair and wait until I was able to make my way to him (he CANNOT stop moving his body and gets all the other kids riled up. Plus, who likes to be wakened by a smacking noise in their ear??). I reminded him that I was only one person, there were lots of nappers and I was by myself today. He thought about it for a second, and then said,

"Oh, that's right. You're not an octopus, are you?"

That sure would come in handy this week!!!


  1. Hope your time with us will be refreshing!First there is the teen party FriPM, the birthday party for a child Sat afternoon, coffee and donuts after mass Sun, followed by a birthday meal for your brother. It'll be great to have you here! Love, mom

  2. How cute!! You are a hard worker my dear.

    Hope you enjoy the 'countryside'! It does sounds more romantic that way huh?


  3. Haha, having 8 arms WOULD make things a bit easier!

  4. Very funny! You should put a kiddyism book together, I always worry what my kids are saying when out of ear shot. Oh dear.

  5. Hope you get some relaxation in!!

    Did you get your movie yet??? :)

  6. Gee...sounds like your weekend will be busy too from what your mom said! Have a good visit home though :-) Just could be here visiting in a few weeks :-) YAY!! haha Hope YOU don't get sick from the kids either! Take some extra Vitamin C!!

  7. I'm glad you are not an octopus, but it might be helpful :)


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