Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Music Wednesday

Every once in a while, I hear a song on a radio, fall in love with it, and download it from iTunes shortly after. Occasionally, I also check iTunes top songs to see if there's anything I've missed that I like.

A few weeks ago, I found out about the group Owl City. I LOVE THEM!!!! (As an aside, while writing this post I found out they are coming to my city in the winter...I'm GOING. Even alone...heck, I've already done that before!)

Anyway. Owl City sings lots of songs, including the #5 song right now, "Fireflies"

I'm not going to tell you how many songs of theirs I downloaded because I'll get in trouble, but all of their songs are fabulous and I recommend them.

Some of the other songs I've been listening to...
One Republic's "All the Right Moves"

Any of the music from "Glee" (even though I don't love the show, I do enjoy the music!)

and last but not least, "Pomplamoose"

*By the way, I don't watch music videos so I have no idea what these ones are like...*
What have you been listening to? I'm always up for new music...haha!


  1. I absolutely LOVE that new One Republic song and I just heard the song by the "Fireflies" recently and enjoyed that too!

    I do the same thing on iTunes! Love having that and being able to get recommendations from them.

    Sounds like we like a lot of the same music, this is a great post!

  2. I like the fireflies song as well, that was a free one on itunes a while back. I always check the free stuff on Tuesdays and usually find some good stuff.

  3. I am all about Owl City.

  4. I love that 2nd one.
    I need current music on my i-pod. Oh my gosh, you'd laugh if you saw some of the stuff.

  5. Hi Bethany,
    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment! We love those free iTunes downloads!

  6. I had never even heard of them! Thanks for introducing them to us.

  7. The last two days, I've been listening to Michael Buble's "Haven't Met You Yet." Love it! Not only is it Buble (reason enough!), but a love song about not being in love... yet. Nice reprieve from the "madly in love forever" and "my heart is broken" extremes. :-)

    Recommend it!


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