Thursday, October 01, 2009

New Love- and Terrified!

Haha, no, not a guy. I wish!

I just discovered the new version of Picasa this morning before work. I was almost LATE to work (which never, ever happens) because I was playing around with it too much. One of the neatest new additions is the program's face recognition. Check out this photo (some of my students from last year).

Img_4652 by you.

See that kid? No, not the smiley faced one who bears the burden of my terribly art-deficient self.

The other one-- behind her? The tiny, itty bitty 75% head? Yea, I hadn't really paid attention to him, or even noticed he was in the picture.

I'll zoom in for you. It's SO small!

Img_4652 by you.

But guess what?! Picasa found him- and correctly identified him!


Interestingly enough, when Picasa incorrectly identified people, they mistook my siblings for me, or siblings of my students. A few times, they had the wrong family but I can see where they see the resemblance. It's awesome!!


On another topic, I'm beginning Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover this month. Okay, so I had two classes last month too, but I'm REALLY diving in now. Last night I completed a lonnng budget and it was scary as well as eye opening. I know exactly how much I make (well, base rate...with babysitting and subbing, it varies by month) and how much I owe on all my bills and debts. I might make a separate blog to document my success as I slowly chug along...I'm not sure yet! Most of the time, I have a hard enough time keeping up with just one blog!!

What are you all up to this weekend? I'm working 8-6 tomorrow, then babysitting most of the night. Saturday I have a class from 9-4, church and babysitting again. Sunday is a Diabetes Benefit Walk from 9-12ish and my financial class from 6-8. And another week will begin...whee! ;)


  1. Wow! very cool program!

    Great job with your budget! that's a huge first step, you should be incredibly proud. remember, every month it gets easier and you discover something else to add or remove or whatever. It's a learning process...

  2. Way to go on starting Dave Ramsey. Its a WONDERFUL program!!!

    And wow on Picasa... thats so neat! My photoshop dont do that. Shucks. Golly gee. :)


  3. The total money makeover is great, good luck!

  4. Kudos on the lonnng budget! It's a pain to do at first, but worth it. RIGHT? ;)

    This weekend we have a family wedding to go to, but we're not going to the reception (boys weren't invited). Instead we're having a family day. We want to take the boys to see Toy Story in the theaters, but NOT spend $50. I hope that's possible.

    We have a budget meeting together tonight to go over receipts and adjust October's budget. I'm not looking forward to it, but I am, kwim?

  5. I checked it out as well, looks pretty cool. I have iPhoto'09 which does that as well but I've yet to mess around with it.

  6. Gosh your weekend sounds busy!

    Thank you for stopping by when I was SITS featured blogger!

  7. i can tell you what i'd LIKE to be doing this weekend..and yes it includes a but...since i really don't have much control over that..(unless i go on a bumpy hayride or dance my heart out at john's cousin's wedding)..i might just have to keep waiting. drats!! enjoy babysitting :-)

  8. I am totally going to have to check this Picasa thing out! Too cool!

  9. Wow, I would've missed that kid too! And good luck on your financial makeover :)


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