Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Week: A Review

This, my friends, is why I haven't been around.

This week I spent
Hours at school= 38+
Hours babysitting= 16
Hours enduring a class at the local hospital which basically taught me to call the authorities if I have suspicion about a child being in a harmful home= 7
Hours sleeping= not nearly enough, especially the last three nights!
Hours visiting new young adult groups= 6
People met at said young adult groups= about 20~ (and some live in my complex!)

Basically, 61 hours working or at work related events. It's no wonder I'm exhausted.

This week I've downed two boxes of mac & cheese and sandwiches for dinner because I didn't get home until midnight or after most nights. One night in between work and babysitting I stopped at a new pizza place, which I'll get yelled at for since it's not in my budget but try going from 8a-midnight without eating and you'll see why the ad drew me in. ;)

However, I'll be scarce for a few more days, although I'm dying to finish my posts on my trip west, and show you what I've been up to in the classroom as far as art projects go, and share some of the funny things kids have said this week.

My bed is calling though, and I'm going to answer. Yes, it's only 10:30. It's official...

I have a boring, non-stop life!


  1. Your life is definitely not boring! I hope you can rest tomorrow.

  2. Yikes! You have been busy. Good for you for visiting some young adult groups and meeting new people! Bonus, that some of them live in your building!

  3. A meal plan is key to sticking to a budget! Every Sunda, we plan every meal and every snack for the whole week and build our grocery list off that plan. We only buy what we need for the week... our fridge and pantry are full and plentiful on Sunday evenings but by Saturday night, it's BARE! If my mother-in-law ever came to visit on a Saturday, she'd probably think I don't feed her son! LOL!

  4. Yes... you go get your sleep girl! WOW!!!

    So excited to see your pictures though...

    Many blessings!

  5. Hours sleeping = not enough... same for me, LOL!

  6. I certainly hope you got some much needed sleep!

  7. Fall is just a busy time of year! I am really missing the "lazy" days of summer right now!


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