Monday, October 19, 2009

Weekend Wordle & Life

It's been a weird few days over here.

On Wednesday night of last week, I started getting a sore throat. I downed Airborne that night and the next but didn't think much of it.

On Friday, I arrived at work at my normal time, FINALLY welcomed Jessa back (she'd been out for over a week by this point) and started to feel "off". I thought I might be hungry, so I made some tea and had leftover snack muffins.

After an hour or so, my boss popped her head in and asked if I was okay. Three co-workers told me I didn't look good. I was shaky and slightly after two hours of work I went home.

I spent most of the afternoon sleeping and waiting for a fever to come, since that's what my co-workers had all had- but it never came. Even after sleeping a few hours that afternoon, I went to bed around 10 and slept 11 hours.

When I woke up Saturday, I felt pretty good. Tired, but sore throat was gone so I went to babysit for 13 hours. By the end, I was exhausted. I fell into bed and slept for 5 hours before getting up to cheer my friend on in a marathon (more about that later). After arriving home, I slept 4 MORE hours. By 11 last night I was asleep and just got up.

So...I'm not sure what's up. I feel "okay" and definitely not as bad as I did Friday, but I'm still really really tired! I'm falling behind in reading everyone's blogs and responding to comments because when I'm home, I'm sleeping. Hopefully I'll be up and running like normal again soon...

Everyone else feeling okay??


  1. Hope you feel better, more rested. We're under the weather here. It's fun with all the kids, too sick to go anywhere but OK enough to still drive each other crazy.

  2. haha, I WISH I had your weekend... I need to sleep. Read my blog, we're the exact opposite right now :) I'm glad you fought it off though- you probably would have been sick if you weren't smart and didn't nurse yourself and let your body just relax. SMART MOVE!

  3. That is so weird, I feel the same way! Saturday I pretty much slept the afternoon away and I could definitely have slept all day today. Right now my head feels clogged and my stomach kind of hurts. I don't know what is going on, but I hope you feel better soon!

  4. You poor thing! That kind of reminds me of when my husband got sick last year - he was physically exhausted and achy. Keep getting rest, if you can!

    (Can't wait to hear about the marathon!)

  5. I hope you're doing better.

    I'm doing okay now. *Knocks on wood*

  6. Hope you are feeling better. Rest up!

  7. Oh I hope you feel better. Clearly your body needs some sleep. There is so much going around out there, I hope you feel better soon!


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