Thursday, November 05, 2009

Adding To Subtract

I added a few things to my sidebar to keep better track of this darn Financial Peace University I'm taking part in. Last month I went slightly off budget with the whole getting sick thing- I had to buy some soup & medicine that wasn't in my budget and then I bought a small room heater because my bedroom is SO COLD.

Anyway, it's a new month so I'm attempting to be a bit more optimistic with all the money stuff. I added a bit from my babysitting jobs at the end of October to my emergency fund, found extra change and added that, same with any money I had leftover from last month. I'm at 14% of my emergency fund which isn't great, but not awful either. I have a few babysitting jobs this month but a lot of the money will be going towards Christmas- I want to be able to buy the members of my family something, even if it's small this year. That might not be Dave Ramsey's thing but I enjoy finding something for my siblings/parents. I already found a great present for my mom @ Big's an Elvis container full of popcorn!!!!

Totally joking, Mom, and only one of my readers will get that joke anyway. Point of the story is, I'll find something a bit less tacky. ;)

I'm off to work...roasting pumpkin seeds for the kids for snack today. I'll try and take photos of them enjoying (or not) the tasty food if they turn out okay.

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