Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Take Me Back Tuesday Vol. I

I'm actually hoping to start this as a series, but we'll see!! I've been noticing (and reading!) things around my world that are just complete blasts from the past...aka my childhood.

Fozzie Bear!!!!
Okay, so I had one of these when I was very little. My sister Shae had a Miss Piggy one and I had Fozzie. I LOVED him. Somewhere in between all of our moves, my bear was lost. I have no clue what happened but I thought of him over the years. When I was in Scotland in '04, it was a rainy, blowy day. My friend Anna and I randomly entered a Disney store and I found a new Fozzie- I knew I had to have him! My sister Rachael also fell in love with my Fozzie, so I found one online for her- we have (almost) matching bears to this day!

Sesame Street- How Crayons are Made
I watched hours upon hours of Sesame Street as a child and for some reason, this is the one thing that sticks out. I have NO idea why.

Candy necklaces!
Um...yummy and sticky, as a kid the best thing ever...'nough said!

Tootsie Roll Pops
Haha, oh yes. The Indian shooting! When I was about 10-11, a rumor circulated within my circle of friends that if you had a tootsie pop wrapper with a WHOLE Indian shooting, you could send the wrapper to the TR company and they would send you a free lollipop. I tried it..a few times (haha). Didn't work, but I think I did get some nice letters & coupons from the company. LOL.

I remember using these for hours upon hours. I claim them from my parents' house once Rachael gets too old for them and/or once I have my own kids. Two weeks ago, I was SO excited to find these exact ones at my school- I demonstrated how to use them to my students and they are enjoying them too :D

and of course, the books of my youth....which were honestly and truly taken away as PUNISHMENTS because I loved reading so much...

What are your favorites? Remember any of these???


  1. I think I thoroughly examined each lollypop at the store to make sure I chose the right one -- I really wanted that Indian shooting the star!

    And I was obsessed with Sweet Valley Twins. I think I had the ENTIRE collection. I was even determined to name future daughters Jessica and Elizabeth.

    Such an awesome post. I love a good blast from the past.

  2. Oh, SVT and SVH...and the BSC. My favorites!

    I also loved those stencils and had the exact.same.ones. LOVED them. Wonder if my parents have them hanging around still?

  3. How FUN!
    Loved Sweet Valley Twins and Babysitters Club. Never read Boxcar, though.

    Heck yes to candy necklaces! Kids still love them. Cool idea. Wear your candy?! LOL Why not?

    How did I not hear the rumor about the Tootise Pop? Interesting.

    Keep the series going! I love it.

  4. I remember all of those things! I LOVED stencils! I think I had the same set. I wonder what happened to them.

  5. AHH! I had those exact stencils! Totally forgot about them! And I have proudly read ALL BSC books including the super special ones when they went on trips :) And I think I saw the movie at the premiere showing :) Also read Boxcar and all Nancy Drew and SVH....wasn't that a tv show??

    Great post!

  6. OMG, I LOVED the BoxCar Children! I think I could probably read them again as an adult & enjoy them.

    My BFF in sixth grade tried the Tootsie Pop thing too. (:-D

  7. I had those SAME stencils!!!!!

    I also had every single book from the BSC!!

    Oh my goodness. I miss being a kid!

  8. I loved all of those! I still look for the indian on the wrapper, just in case! We didn't watch much TV during the week as a kid (I still save it for the weekends mostly now.) But Friday night we always got to watch the muppets and sleep in the living room. I loved it!

  9. I let my kids watch the crayola video...we saw it once on Mr. Rogers.

    Your a bad girl for saying "Happy Sit's Day!" I'm so kidding...You blessed my heart!

    Thanks so much!!!

    Lana @ www.ilovemy5kids.blogspot.com

  10. Box car children, sweet valley high and baby sitters club were my favorite books. I use to read them for hours and after I read all of them, I started reading the older version of sweet valley high and you better believe I watched the show. I can't wait to buy all of those books for my children. I pray that they have a love for reading as big as their mom.

    mmm...tootsie pops and candy necklaces!


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