Monday, November 16, 2009

Ice Cream, Part II

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Prologue: Read this post on ice cream. C'mon. It's a post on ICE CREAM. Not scary at all, I promise.
That's right. Click right here.

Well if you didn't read it, that's your own fault, but this post probably won't make sense. Just sayin'! ;)
I plan to visit said ice cream place next weekend and pick up some more deliciousness for Cara. So far, she doesn't know *where* I'm going, just that I'm taking a trip. If I can keep quiet for four more days, and if the top secret destination location of my destination (haha) is kept off Facebook, I'll be home free- I'll buy the ice cream and bring it back to BC with me to gift her with after our wonderful Turkey break.

However, I was thinking that it might be fun if I could find a goofy way to give her the dessert, rather than just, "Oh hey, brought you some ice cream!"

So- here's what I'm thinking. Yes, I know it's dorky, but I think (hope) she'll h=find it at least a little fun and maybe a little exasperating (because I'm mean like that!). I found random letters of "(store name) vanilla ice cream" on Google and pasted them to a word document. I'm going to print it at work, so it's all colorful and then I was going to cut up the letters, put them in an envelope, write her name on it (or even better, have one of the kids write it!) and slip the envelope in her work closet during her lunch break. She's going to know it's me pretty quickly because I'm the most likely to play jokes on her and Hope, but that way, she has all afternoon to work on the puzzle and hopefully finish in time to receive her prize, waiting in the freezer, by the time she goes home.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Yea, I'm weird I know. Get over it. ;) It's more fun that way.

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  1. I think it sounds like fun. I've never gone out of the way for ice cream before, but I used to do it for pizza when I lived in NJ. People sometimes don't realize that good ice cream is hard to find, especially when it comes to vanilla (a favorite of mine too). Some ice cream makers pay so much attention to the other flavors, they just forget all about vanilla.
    Oh dear, I'm quite hungry for some ice cream now...and it's only 8am!


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