Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Meeting With The Boss

I had a meeting with my boss yesterday.

Usually meetings are freaky but I had only a few hours' notice for this one so it wasn't too stressful...also, I kind of knew what the topic of conversation would be.

In the last few years I've worked at my school, we had just one staff meeting a year, in which the following school year was discussed. Towards the end of last year, some of the other teachers called a meeting, which I ended up not having to attend because it involved classroom policies and for the most part, I don't deal with that. However, apparently that meeting was eye-opening for a few people within the school, resulting in three more staff meetings this year as well as more one-on-one performance reviews and boss meetings.

Due to these meetings, my boss is beginning to help people have "stretching goals" - two of my teacher friends (assistants in the classroom) are in charge of certain areas in their classrooms that earlier were taken care of by the lead teacher. They're both excited about this and are proud to be more involved. Another teacher's goal is to have a peaceful classroom, a goal that will probably span a few years. ;)

So, yesterday was my meeting with my boss to find out what she had in store for me. As it turns out, she had a few ideas...taking a few more classes @ the hospital that I haven't taken yet..but past that, I'm supposed to figure out my own goal.


I told her I have no interest in going back to school full time, but would be willing, maybe even interested, in taking a class either in programming (thus helping to keep up the school webpage I built last fall/winter) or more child development. Past that, I have NO ideas yet...but I do have a week to think about it. I'm not sure where this is leading, but we'll see! (And if anyone has any ideas for me, pass them on! LOL.)

Beyond that, things are going well at school. The past week has been wacky crazy with Halloween preparations, the Halloween parade, and parent-teacher conferences. One of my friends was asking for kidisms and I haven't even taken note of any recently. And not that the kids haven't been funny...haha.I'm sure they have been!

Anyway...that's what's been going on here. Oh...and my new co-teacher will not be working with me full time anymore. She'll be working four days a week, which is STRESSFUL for me but I will get through it. If she's still exhausted after going down to 4 days a week, she'll go to three- double stress. If that doesn't work, I have no idea what will happen. Keep her (and me!) in your prayers. My boss almost had a breakdown last week because of all this, so needless to say the stress extends farther than just me!


  1. What is the age span of the children you work with? And what have you always wanted to learn? Maybe there's some overlap. :-)

    Good luck!

  2. Hm, it sounds to me like the programming class is a great goal, and realistic, the most important thing!

  3. LOL, my boss asked me to come up with goals yesterday too. I was like, um...? :P

  4. Wow, timing is coincidental.
    What was it-Friday? Friday I was hounding, I mean, mentioning you going back to school. :)
    I just think you have talent, and maybe another 2 years of school would allow you more room to use that talent. BUT, I know that's not in your interest right now.

    At least they're making you know they value you!
    I hope the stress at work eases soon.


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