Friday, November 13, 2009

Quick Poll!

I hope this works!!

I don't have any updates on the baby (from the last post) but the meeting with my boss went really well! My idea was accepted with a LOT of enthusiasm, and my boss is already warning me that my co-workers will want me to present in their classrooms as well. Yikes.

Here's what we'll be doing beginning in December!
I was fortunate enough to travel to Europe and live there for four months when I was 19. I was technically there for school but also had the opportunity to travel to many countries and explore- so beginning with one of those countries, plus Belize, Mexico and Canada, you all have to help me decide which one I'll be learning about with my students! Hopefully, we'll expand on the photos and memories I have and include books like this one, implement music from the country, make (and try?) their foods, draw their's not all sorted out in my head quite yet but I'd love your opinion and's going to be a fun ride, and I am positive much of the information will also end up on my blog!


  1. My thoughts:

    OK, I voted for Belize and Austria. I think it could go 2 ways:
    start w/ Belize, and mentally transfer yourselves somewhere warm during the cold month of December. It could be really fun.

    The other is starting w/ Austria, since that's where you started. You know what it's like this time of year, and could make fun games out of it, having a krumpess in the class chase others, etc. If you start w/ Austria, to make it even more educational, I'd go in geographical order, next going to whichever other country on your list is closest to Austria.

    Awesome idea, Bethany! I wish I could participate.

  2. haha, I think I'm funny... I voted for every one! How can you choose??? Oh my gosh! Can I come learn from you too? I think that's a brilliant idea! Have fun with it, that's the most important part! Keep us posted on how it goes.

  3. This sounds like it will be such a fun project. I'm excited to hear more about your plans and how the students react!

    And there are worse things than being wanted in every classroom, my dear. Means you're a star! ;-)

  4. Thanks for being the FIRST to take my button!

    You have made my day:)


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