Thursday, November 12, 2009

Quick Prayer Requests

The meeting I was supposed to have with my boss Tuesday was pushed back to this afternoon- what is decided will determine the course of the remainder of the school year. I have a few ideas in mind to mention to her, but ultimately the two of us together will decide what my stretching goal will be! Hopefully it will go...I'll be back tonight to let you know!

Also, one of my good friends from college has a baby daughter who is very sick. Clln's Madi is about 15 months and has been sick her whole life with various issues. They live just a few short hours from me, but the last time I saw Clln was a week or so before Madi was born. Madi is currently in the PICU on oxygen and may have to be intubated. I don't have many details as they are waiting for confirmation from various tests, but they have diagnosed her with pneumonia-- so any prayers you can send their way would be great.

Have a wonderful Thursday! Two weeks until Thanksgiving...


  1. praying for your meeting today and for your friend's little girl. I hope that your meeting is a success.

  2. Praying for your meeting & for your friend's little girl. I can't imagine the worry she is experiencing.

  3. I will pray, Bethany, but I will also put Madi on my blog prayer list if the mother agrees.


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