Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It's been an interesting few days here and blog reading (and posting!) has just taken a backseat to normal, everyday life.

School is going well, although Jessa was out again today and will be Friday as well- every Friday, that is. I think I wrote about that already, so I won't repeat myself. LOL. Yesterday was a particularly awesome school day- the kids and I had long circle discussions about consequences  and quietly lining up- and my afternoon group has lined up quietly (as in DEAD quiet...) the past two days-- YAY! The kids are all ages 3-6, so I'm excited about that- of course, we'll have to reinforce every day...haha!

The other thing I've been working on non-stop is my school's webpage. We launched it at the very end of last year and it was time for some new updates and photos- meaning photo brushing light posts, faces of children who are not allowed on the website, removing dates from some pictures, compiling which photos to actually use and the order of them all...I worked on it for five hours yesterday and three hours today-- and still have more to do!

One of the issues I'm having is the program our website is built with is EXTREMELY hard to use. Granted, I don't technically have programming experience (technically...haha. I don't have ANY at all). Anyway- attempting to edit the site is such a pain. There is no option to center pictures, so I had to manually make a fake photo with our logo on the right side, then position it on the left side to actually center it. Makes no sense, right? Yeaaa....

So- I'm not sure if any of you can help me out, but I'd be glad for some help. We have a webpage, we have the domain, but I need to find a way to host it somewhere else so it's easy to edit. What would happen if I left my school at some point and my boss had to edit part of it?! Any ideas??

Well, I'm off. I'd post more photos of my trip west, but I can't really stand to check out any more pictures right now. My brain's on overload!!!!! Hope you're having a great week :)


  1. I have no suggestions, that sounds like a pain, thoguh. I hope you can come up with some solution soon!
    You should be proud of getting such young kids in line quietly - thats quite an achievement! Hooray!

  2. I'm no help to you, but I can cheer you on! You can do it! If you aren't sure how to do it. That's what I do, anyway!

  3. I'm no help on the computer website stuff... I only know how to do what I currently do and that's only from trial and error. BUT- I'm sure you'll get it all squared away! Good luck.

    Happy HUMP DAY! :)


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