Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beginning To Move On

We buried my grandpa today. It was a hard day, undeniably-- but his services were attended by many of his parishioners, family and friends. I saw many extended family members- some of them I'd seen in January when my great uncle died but others I didn't even remember since it had been 20+ years!

The viewing and funeral went well- all 9 grandchildren sang for the funeral, one brother  & two cousins were pall bearers...Lily and I had to place a few items on Grandpa's casket and that's when I lost it. Seeing all the pictures of him from over the years was hard too- and I'm pretty sure it's going to hit me more as time goes by since the end was just so fast.

We're heading back West tomorrow, back to "normal" life for a few days. I'll have just five days of school left before Christmas break-- how is that possible?

I hope you all had a great week- I'm all mixed up on what day it even is!!! Miss you all, but hoping to get back into reading blogs someday, maybe soon? ;)


  1. You have had quite a day. It will be a day you will never forget. The good part of these days is seeing family ---but saying a final goodbye is never easy. I know you have a lot of memories that you will always keep close to your heart. Thanks for sharing something so real.

  2. I hope you and your family enjoyed time celebrating your grandpa's life. I remember at my grandfather's funeral my grandmother and mother asked me to do a reading. Oh goodness, after that I don't think I stopped crying all day. It is a very hard time, just think of all the joys he brought you! Travel safe!

  3. Miss Strawberry Milkshake,
    I hope you can take a deep breath now and relax some.

    I know it's hard. It sounds like your grandpa was a great guy. :)
    My paternal grandma passed when I was pregnant w/ Aidan. My father asked me to do a reading, but I couldn't. I was emotional enough from being pregnant, and I couldn't go up there and do the reading.

    Thank God memories live on.

  4. I hope you get a few days to rest and just BE after the craziness of your last week or so.

  5. Thinking about you. Have a safe trip back.

  6. Your grandpa's service sounds like it was filled with love and family. Take care of yourself.


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