Tuesday, January 05, 2010

1 Month & 365

The last photo I have of me with my Grandpa-- almost two years ago, although I saw him again before he died.

Today marks one month since my Grandpa died. It still seems so weird to me. I mean, he was a part of my life from day one, and even when he moved to the nursing home a few years ago and wasn't his old self, the physical presence of him was still there, if that makes sense? I've been silently marking the passing of time- every day, multiple times, I'll think to myself, "oh, it's been three weeks...", "wow, 25 days...", etc. So a whole month seems so long, but so short. So much has happened since his death- the last day of school for 2009, Christmas, New Years, countless babysitting jobs- life goes on, but the thought of him is present every day.

I have family videos I borrowed from my parents' house- they are taped by him, so he's rarely seen but his voice is there. When I arrived back in Big City late last month, I set them on a table to be watched at a later date. Yea, they are still sitting there. I don't know why, but I can't bring myself to watch them yet.

So, yep. I've been in a weird funk all day. I guess that's okay?

In other news, I'm trying to take a photo a day for a year to document my life-- I actually started on December 31st (only because I happened to take a picture that seemed good enough). I can't post some of them but here are the ones I can share!

Can you read this? Kids these days, trying to get away with stuff....haha!


  1. hugs and love to ya, dear!

  2. How wonderful to have some videos to keep your grandfather's memory alive! I know how you feel, its been years since mine died and I still go through the same thing. It will get a little easier, though.

    I love those candy canes!

    Does that say:
    "Thank you Bethany for helping me not get in trouble (cha bl? lol - that is so cute!)."

    Have a great day!

  3. Aw. :( I'm sorry. Grieving is not a short process, I know. Heck, I still cry several times a year over the baby we lost. What a blessing you have those videos. When you ARE ready to watch them, it will be quite comforting, I think.

    Love the pictures. What a great idea.


  4. I would be in a funk too. At least you have the videos to listen to when you are ready :)

    Love the photo a day challenge! I always love your photos. You have a great eye!


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