Sunday, January 31, 2010


I was babysitting two little boys last night. The older of the two, Drew, is four and a half (don't you dare forget that 1/2!). Drew is just beginning to take taekwondo, and he has been given January goals- things like "listen to your parents", "be a nice big brother", etc. 

Drew decided to give me some goals as well-

1) Do not get out of bed  I usually don't have a problem with this
2) Don't wander off    from where? hehe!

3) Take care of your pets   I don't have any at home but he was talking about all of the animals at school (bunny, guinea pigs, birds, fish, mice, crabs, frogs...)

4) Don't go to the hospital    I will try not to!

5) Stay with your mom and dad    I tried to explain to him that I don't live with my parents but he didn't understand how that could be possible...

6) Be a good teacher    I'll do my best!

7) Do not let kids in your dangerous stuff    Okay then!

8) Keep your room and car clean    This one, I might have a problem with!

So there you have it. Over the next month, these are the goals I am supposed to work on! How are your goals for 2010 coming now that we're at the end of the first month?? ;-)


  1. Lol. I would have serious problems wit #8 s well!

    In response to your comment on my blog - I'm in the South West (Arizona) ;-)

  2. I bet your students adore you. You sound like a wonderful teacher/nanny!

  3. Don't wander off is pretty funny. I wonder who said that to him!

    Sometimes, I will go do something upstairs (like fold laundry or put something away) at home when my husband is still downstairs, and he'll be like, "Where did you do?" all sad face. Ha. I am kind of wandering off!

  4. Kids are so cute! I love his goals for you.


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