Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year! & ZuZu Pets

Nothing like starting off a new year on a good foot, right? I figured since I'm here babysitting, the three kiddles are all asleep (oh but don't let them fool you, they haven't been asleep for long...)

I'll wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! I am hopeful that 2010 will be a wonderful year, for you and me both. I don't know about you but 2009 was full of unwanted drama in all aspects of my life so I'm eager for a fresh start!

How did you spend your last day in 2009? 

I didn't sleep well last night and woke up way too early to sirens outside, no clue what they were for though. Before long, I sat at a windshield repair shop, expecting to drive away with either A) my windshield fixed (everything on my passenger side floor has been frozen and I've been having to SCRAPE ON THE INSIDE!! of my car) or B) a whole new windshield. Let's just say the repair was not done and it's complicated. I'll leave it at that for now.

I thought the world was ending around noon- my boss emailed me! This is a woman who resisted getting a webpage for her business for a good 10+ years but she was emailing about subbing...still completely caught me off guard!

Afterwards, I headed to my first babysitting job of the day, babysitting a little girl. Jules is 22 months, smart, adorable, and easy to care for. So easy to care for that I was a bit bored...guess I'm used to taking care of more than one kid! Haha. 

I got payback at my next job though- last of 2009 and first of 2010. I'm planning to write more about this family later but they have three kids ages 1-7 and I love 'em! Tonight we made Shrinky Dinks and popcorn and watched Monsters, Inc. By the time they all settled down for bed it was after 11. The two boys fell asleep quickly but K, who is 5 ended up on the couch downstairs just in time for a hilarious encore- I'm just going to repost my Tweets from earlier. If you have run into the squeaking ZuZu pets maybe you can relate??

-- 5 y/o is cracking up b/c I can't get those stupid zu zu pets to SHUTTHEHECKUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
...and a few minutes later...

-- The stupid animal has been banished to the dark pantry until it can keep its mouth shut. No lie! DO you get those things to turn off? It was in the pantry for a while before it finally seemed to turn off by itself but gosh, is there an easier way?!?


  1. Oh my...I'm almost ashamed to admit...I spent the last day of the year watching "the twilight Zone" marathon. Argh!

    What a way to put it though, spending the last day of the year. In all of my years, I don't think I thought of it that way before!

    Love it.

  2. I love shrinky dinks!!


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