Friday, January 29, 2010

Job share

I got through the first week of my co-teachers job sharing and truthfully, I only have one word to describe it.


It's not a bad interesting, it's just that my two cohorts are COMPLETE opposites. Cara is an earth-loving, gentle, happy hippy (in the awesome way) and Jessa's much older, been battered by life I guess you could say. She's nice too of course, but they are nothing alike! Having Cara back is seamless, as she and I worked together all of last year and many, many times today we found ourselves reminiscing and laughing hysterically about some event from last year.  Because Jessa's been gone so much this year, sometimes I feel like she and I still don't have it down pat!

I am trying to look on the positive side of this arrangement and that is that I'll have Cara more than half of the week for the rest of the school year. In fact, I don't think that's quite sunk in yet, but I am excited. It's just hard to work with Cara, absolutely love it because it's easy, and then not wish I had her to work with every day. Having someone in the room that automatically lifts cots and tables is foreign to me, but it's awesome! LOL!

So, we'll see how week three goes. Next week will be two days of Jessa, two days with another co-worker and then Cara for Friday due to Cara's other work that scheduled two weeks at a time and was already scheduled when all this came up- so I'm not really counting it! 

On a totally unrelated subject, please pray for a coworker of mine, Jean. She was diagnosed with pneumonia on Wednesday and so I've been working for her- she is a wonderful person but always puts others in front of herself and in the past two days she's gotten worse, not better. Hopefully she'll be able to rest up over the weekend and start recovering, but she could use some thoughts and prayers!

I'm babysitting Chubster now, and falling asleep. I've been on the clock at one job or another for almost 15 hours now and I just want to crawl into a warm bed and sleep until I feel like waking up! I got home late last night after a long day at school. I have one more babysitting job tomorrow night and then I can enjoy a quiet Sunday!


  1. Get some rest so you don't get sick too!!

  2. Keep your quiet Sunday, just that-quiet and relaxing. :)
    I'll say some prayers for your co-worker. Hope she gets better soon!

    I'm glad you have Cara back, even just a few days a week. You sound happier and I am glad.

  3. Hey Bethany,
    Thanks for stopping by my blog! Its always fun to hear from new people.
    Sounds like you stay busy! Good luck with everything!
    BTW, I love that you are trying to pay off your debt. That is SO awesome. My husband and I have always tried to be debt free, which we are with the exception of our house.
    I think you are doing great!!!


  4. You are so lovely to appreciate (and or tolerate!) differing aspects of your co-workers.


    Enjoy that relaxing Sunday!

  5. It sounds like overall it's been a positive experience, so that's good! I hope it gets better and smoother as you all settle into this new pattern!


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