Tuesday, January 19, 2010



I teach preschoolers and kindergarteners- this is my third year doing so and I LOVE it. The kids are at such a fun age, exploring and learning something new every time I turn around. They love to be read to, make crafts, paint, do beadwork, ask questions...most days, I really enjoy my job and hanging out with the kids.

The parents though?? Oh, don't get me wrong. There are some parents that I absolutely LOVE! After my grandpa died, a few of the moms I'm closer to hugged me, told me to be sure and let them know if there's anything they can do. One took down my address to send me information about bereavement (she works for a nursing home). After Christmas break, at the beginning of the school year- these moms and I truly catch up with each other and it's wonderful.

And then...we have some parental gems.

The mother who is convinced that her son is absolutely fine, despite four teachers and the director of the school telling her differently- a son who, compared to his sister three years younger has made no progress since coming to our school and wanders around his classrooms, tripping over other children's work every chance he gets, unable to focus on even the simplest tasks.

The father who enters my classroom, does not even muster a hello, and sits on the tables. I've had his son for three years.

The mother who asks us if we've seen her daughter's bracelet-- that her daughter left at school months ago.

The mother who wanted her son to wear pullups and have a bottle of juice at naptime (he's 5).

The mother who asked us to make sure her daughter eats everything in her lunchbox, even if it takes her past the alloted lunch time. If the child does not eat everything, the child will be punished at home, even if she just wasn't hungry.

The mother who comes with a new "request" for her children every time she enters the room. I know they are your precious children, and we love them too, but we have 20+ other kids to care for.

The mother who wants to know if her child (skinniest kid EVER!!) is obese.

The mother who wants us to monitor every calorie her child eats.

The mother who asks us to make sure her son eats his whole lunch since otherwise he is crabby when she picks him up. Because her child was playing at lunchtime instead of eating, I move him to a one person table where he can focus on eating and eating only. One week later, the child says his mother says he doesn't have to eat his whole lunch anymore and his mom wants him to enjoy lunchtime with the other kids. We tell him until his mom tells us otherwise, he's eating alone. One day later, his mom stops me in the hall to say just what he told us-- he doesn't have to eat his whole lunch anymore. WHAAA??

The dad who tells, does not ask, us to dress his daughter for ballet. If he asked, sure.

The parents who decided that to celebrate their only child's birthday at school, they would bring in massive cupcakes with icing two inches high, show a slideshow of the child's life and invite every relative within a 100 mile radius to join the party. (We encourage a small treat and a small family representation...parents, siblings, maybe grandparents. This kid had cousins, aunts, uncles, the whole bit! There was barely room in the classroom for the children who belonged in the class!)

The parents who are continually on cell phones while picking up their children, buckling their children in the car, sitting in the parking lot talking, driving off talking...they haven't seen their child in 10+ hours and it makes me so sad!

and, while this isn't a student's parent...my co-teacher said to me after hearing I had strep,
"Oh, so you were out all week then."
Uhhh no...I'm not you! (She was just out for 7 days...again)

Do you have any aggravating stories to tell? Let it out...it feels better!


  1. Oh, that's rough. But kinda hysterical. I'm taking notes so as not to be one of "those parents."

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  3. This is exactly why I make sure I am not one of those parents. They drive me nuts, too!

  4. Ah, the parents. They make so many jobs so much fun!!! Please note the sarcasm on THAT one. I've worked with so many weird ones through camp and school -- it's insane. I've also worked for a crazy family while nannying. So glad I work for normal people now with fairly normal children (okay, they ARE normal, just very entertaining sometimes!).

    Don't let them get you down, too much...

  5. My eyes are crossed after reading all that... LOL... the white on black is killer for us old foggies!

    Sounds like you deal with your fair share of kooks. Sorry! Be blessed-

  6. what's with all the food and weight stuff? Parents need to chill. Feed the kids healthy stuff and then don't worry about their weight or how much they are eating or not eating... unless the doctor says something is wrong. This all results in major insecurity in the teen years.

  7. My mom works in childcare and has TONS of crazy stories like this as well! Ha. I think I would be that parent who is paranoid about what their kid is eating. I bet every parent has a bit of crazy in them!


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