Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Sunday Confession

I have a confession, and since it's Sunday, it seemed like a good day to open up to you all.

I have the HARDEST time going to church by myself lately. I can do everything else solo- shopping (of any kind), eating out, going the mall, the movies, etc., but when it comes to church...


I do not mind going with friends. Problem is, I'm Catholic and I have NO Catholic friends in the same city anymore. I used to- my roommate Shayna and I used to go to church together every weekend, which was awesome. But then again, we hung out together all the time anyway.

Any suggestions for getting through this? I've already tried the Catholic Young Adult group here and it was, sorry to say, very pitiful.

To my credit, I've gone to church pretty much every weekend in the past two months, aside from the day I had to fly to NJ for my grandpa's funeral and two weeks ago when I was so sick I was sleeping at every Mass time (literally). Before that my church attendance may or may not have been a little more spotty.

The only thing I have found lately to work is either to go to church before a babysitting job Saturday night or reward myself after a church service gone solo. Which is what I'm off to do today. Sigh.


  1. I don't know what to say. I used to feel awkward going to Mass alone, but now I've come to enjoy it.

    Your efforts are not unnoticed by God, though, and knowing it's a struggle for you, I am sure pleases HIM that much more to know you are still making the effort. I do know our crosses to bare, they change, fortunately.
    You won't always be in this position, and maybe one day you'll even miss it. LOL

    I hope you can find another Catholic buddy to team up w/ for Mass.

  2. Thank you for sharing these thoughts. It is so refreshing to hear someone's true heart on the struggles they are facing.

    I have had the same issue in recent months. I was a member of a very large church for a little more than 4 years and recently moved. Although I am now living near my family, I don't feel led to their church. I have tried to visit other area churches, but it is so difficult to go alone. When I have "forced" myself to attend Sunday school, I have felt very unwelcome - which helps me not want to try anymore.

    I know this is something that will pass; for both of us. We must keep our focus on the Lord and allow Him to be the one we go to church with and for. :O)

    Chin up!

  3. Gosh...I am at a loss as to how to help you. I almost enjoy the peace of being alone (which I hardly ever am) at church because I can be more in coversation with God.

    I would say the different Youth and singles group but you said you checked into that..

    Good Luck!

  4. That was my problem way back just before I met your dad. My roommate was not Catholic and so I gradually stopped going. Don't want to see that happen to you. Have you tried a few of the Catholic churches for Young Adult groups? Maybe it's time to look into

  5. Unfortunately, I'm not a lot of help to you in this category since I don't attend church. But what I will tell you is that "confessing" this is a great first step. You are a smart cookie and I know you will figure out how to be the type of church-goer you want to be. Good luck!

  6. I know it's not the same, but I have a hard time goign when Rob isn't going as well. WHen he was with the Fire Department, he would often have to miss because of Training (we go to church on Saturdays) and it would be SUCH a struggle for me to go. Sure, I had the kids but that just made it worse - trying to wrangle them all by myself. But I did notice on the days I went, vs the days I didn't? Things just felt a lot better. I think it was that still small voice telling me Thank You for coming to My house.


  7. This is probably not a good example, but when I am not up to going alone, I volunteer in the nursery! FUn with the kids, going to church, 2 birds, one stone...


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