Wednesday, January 27, 2010


A repost from this past summer because the topic has come up again... :D

What are your thoughts on tattoos?

I've wanted a celtic cross tattoo on my ankle for YEARS. Like...12 years. And I'm only 24, so that's half my life. However, around the time I turned 18 I decided to wait a few years to see if I still wanted one.

And I do...

I can't/am really hesitant to get it done on my ankle with teaching, though. If I'd arrived at school with it the first year, it would have been okay, but three years in? I wouldn't be able to wear capris/skirts.

So I am considering getting a celtic cross on the back of my shoulder- is that what it's called?

Anyway...opinions on designs? colors? placement? Some of the ones I'm looking at-

Without the words- although I do kind of like the coloring of this one!

Without the crazy colors in the middle. Not sure what I'd ask for in the middle?

P.S. I really think I like the top one best...hmmm.


  1. So, uh, are you doing this some time soon?

  2. AH! Literally I am in the same situation! I want 'Imagine' on my foot and have for like 6 not as long as 12, but a long time! I like the top one best too, and you should just do it. I probably will eventually too :)

  3. I think you should get "I love my mother" on your forehead! Love, me

  4. I think tattoos are great if they are tasteful and if they are something you have been wanting for a long period of time... which clearly you have! :-)
    I recently got one on my write, and I am a teacher, but I am also human if that is what I want to do with my body-it won't change how I teach. Just something to consider!
    As far as placement goes what about in between your shoulder blades? Or on the back of your neck?

    I really like the second design-without the words. Good luck! I can't wait to hear what you decide to do!

  5. I like the 3rd one. I'd want it someplace where no one can see it unless I decided they can.

  6. I think the shoulder would be great. I like the ones in the last pic because they are the simplest!


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