Sunday, February 28, 2010

Embarrassing Birthday Pic

Today is my birthday, as stated below. If you would like to see an EXTREMELY embarrassing picture of me, my "friend" Sharon (ahem, I will get you back for this, girl!) has a post up in honor of me. Awwwwww, I know. But the picture is silly, and I love her, so I'll let you all see it. 

And Sharon? Thanks for the post!!!! ;-)

Best Day of the Year

That’s right ladies! The best day of the year has arrived once again!
I turn 25 today!!!
(Gettin’ old!)

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Tight Squeeze


I am the kind of person who tries to avoid pot holes but somehow, I end up bumping through all of them. I don’t have the best visual perception, you could say. I am not the most proficient backer-upper and I am HORRIBLE at parallel parking, although I CAN do it. This past week while watching Bug I was driving a 2010 Nissan Armada. I didn’t know what they were until last weekend, but while they are very nice cars and a wonderful ride, they are HUGE. As in, I had the biggest honkin’ vehicle in my entire parking lot at work. Plus they only get 13 miles to the gallon, so obviously a gas guzzler. Glad it’s not mine!

See? HUGE!

Anyway, the house I was babysitting at is beautiful. I *love* their house. But, uhmm…as mentioned above, I did not inherit the powerful “I can back up anywhere, anytime into any spot” gene that my father carries. I can imagine trying to teach me to drive was hard enough, not to mention practicing pulling up and back through cones. Patience of a saint he must have, I think.

Well, there’s a garage at the house—which means you have to back up to get out in the morning. To make matters worse, there is a stone wall on both sides of the driveway. The first time I tried on Sunday it literally took me about 10 minutes, back and forth- by Friday I was able to get out in one try! I was very careful though, I didn’t want to put even a scratch on their car (although they wouldn’t have cared, I would have felt horrible!). Also- the car beeps if you back up too close to anything, so the entire way down the driveway, it’s BEEP! …. BEEP!… BEEP BEEP!… BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!  LOL…IMG_4965 
Yes, that’s a visual, JUST for you. See how close I was on the right? AND the left?!

How’s your weekend shaping up? Tomorrow’s a special day for me, but more about that later ;-)

Friday, February 26, 2010

Friday, Friday!

I'm excited for this weekend. I've been working a lot plus taking care of Bug, so I figured I'd better post this before we're off and running for the day! Hope everyone has a great Friday- see you later this weekend!

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Welcome & Sorry!

After I took part in Friday Follow, I got a BUNCH of new followers (thank you all who emailed & commented!). I'm so happy to have you here, but my posting this week is beyond minimal, so come back next week, hehe!

It's been a good week, just a crazy one. I took on a weeklong babysitting/housesitting gig on Saturday and while I'm having fun, I have literally no free time. The baby gets up about 6 am and as soon as we're up, we're off & running to get both of us fed, dressed and ready for daycare (him) and work (me). To top it off, I've been working 10 hour days subbing for one of the teachers at school who is trying to recover from a pneumonia relapse. On Monday, Bug was diagnosed with pinkeye and so we're dealing with trying to give a 1 year old eye drops, too. The first time was AWFUL for both of us, but the last two times I've done it speedy fast and he's cried little or no tears! YAY! This gig will end this weekend so I'll be pretty nonexistent until then but I promise to come visit your blogs when I'm done!

So, that's what I've been up to. Work's been okay, I think Jessa really, really needs prayers. She had two weeks off due to President's Day and snow days and apparently, she spent all of the time in bed. Something must be up- so keep her in your thoughts and prayers. :) 

Monday, February 22, 2010

Olympics of 2010!

IMG_0441 (2)[3] 

Photo taken in Vancouver, September ‘09

Growing up in a rural eastern state, my family didn’t watch television. We owned a TV, but had no cable and spent our time playing outside on tire swings and taking 20 mile bike rides. However, every two years for two weeks, the television would be on every night as the family gathered around to watch the Olympics.

I remember becoming particularly obsessed with Marion Jones and Picabo Street and enjoying the Olympic feeling that to this day pulses through me when it’s an Olympic year. Seriously, I don’t know what it is about the games but I get *so* excited when the Olympics come! There’s something so unique about athletes from around the globe, competing against each other in such a huge event. I was scrolling through Wiki while writing this post and ran across names I haven’t seen or heard in a long time—Shannon Miller, Tonya Harding, Dan Jansen, Michael Johnson, the girls of the “Magnificent Seven”, Andre Agassi, Tara Lipinski, Johnny Moseley, Chris Witty, Dara Torres, Sarah Hughes, Timothy Goebel, Carly Patterson… wonder what they are doing now?

There are many things I find so interesting about the Olympics- for one, the amount of athletes who one way or another, for various reasons, compete for nations other than where they are from. I love the stories of the athletes, hearing where they began and why they fell in love with their  sport.

On another note, can you imagine being the ONLY representative of your country in an Olympic games? One such athlete, Hong Kong’s Han Yueshuang caught a cold after a clothing mix-up at the Opening Ceremony. Ghana’s Kwame Nkrumah-Acheampong missed qualifying for the 2006 Olympics because his plane was grounded in Amsterdam- he made it for the 2010 Olympics, though. Muhammad Abbas of Pakistan will be skiing in a race he’s probably dreamed of his whole life tomorrow morning. In the same race will be Samir Azzimani, a Moroccan athlete who brought eight schoolchildren from his home in France with him so they could experience Vancouver and the Olympics- how cool is that? I bet these athletes have amazing stories to tell.  :-)

These days, the Olympic-watching has changed. The DVR records the athletes and I watch when I have time. I’m not with my family and I communicate with my siblings, friends, coworkers and bloggers through Facebook, Twitter and email about the races and wins. We have discussed a few times the uncanny likeness snowboarder Shaun White has to a younger version of my mom and one of my uncles. Strange, but true.

Some things don’t change though- there are athletes I have taken a liking to (Bode Miller’s story is interesting, I was SO happy for Alexandre Bilodeau as he won Canada’s first gold on Canadian soil…) and I stay up WAY too late and am sleep deprived as I take in all of the events I love!

Are you watching the Olympics? Who are your favorite athletes this year?

Friday, February 19, 2010

Celebrating the Chinese New Year

My school is full of cultural diversity- we have a fair mix of children who descend from India, China, and Taiwan. One of my Taiwanese children is an especially interactive child and is always attempting to teach me how to say things in Chinese. I’m not fluent in anything besides English but he does a great job!
Anyway, said child brought in a few books about the Chinese New Year, prompting Cara and I to do a unit on the celebration, which began on February 14th.
The first book Adam brought in was a simple story about the holiday- we whipped through it in one circle time.
This is the second book Adam shared with us;  it had pages dedicated to the different animals of the New Year (2010 is the Year of the Tiger), the food they prepare, celebrations, etc. We’ve read parts as a class but the book is available to the kids if they want to look through it.
In addition, we made Chinese lanterns (this isn’t one that we made but it’s the same idea, I forgot to take a picture!)
and created a “Happy Chinese New Year” wall complete with signs in Chinese and good luck envelopes for all the kiddos.
IMG_4911 - CopyIMG_4911IMG_4912

The last Chinese New Year related craft we attempted is tangrams. I got the idea from this website and the kids are LOVING it. It’s a puzzle but in the end becomes an animal or object they can identify- something they find fun! I think we’ll keep this work on the shelves for a long time to come. :-)
     IMG_4914 IMG_4915 IMG_4916
So, that’s how we celebrated Chinese New Year this week- in only three school days, too!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Back to Reality (Sorry!)

I know, I know, you were all really enjoying the pictures of beaches and sun- a mere wish in my mind that I was sitting on a warm beach right now… luckily if you scroll down just one post you can still find the pictures, close your eyes, and pretend to breathe in the ocean air…
because this is what I’m really looking at these days! (And yes, it’s pretty in its own way but I’m done with it…) We had a snow day yesterday (err…Tuesday!) and have gotten 30 inches in a week and a halfish.
IMG_4744-2  IMG_4781-2



(Yes, that’s me…sledding without a sled. VERY FUN!)
IMG_4856-1 (2)

IMG_4857-3 (2)
IMG_4889 (2)-1
Yea, I know. You’re all tired of seeing snow too!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Ahh, Summer!

The Goodwin Family

I'm taking part in Jenilee's summer glimpses post. I LOVE summer! We definitely have enough snow here to last a while, so summer's just a faraway memory...
One of my absolute favorite places to go in the summer is Block Island. I've shared about it before, this past summer, but here are a few more photos full of fun, sun and warmth! :-) IMG_8137 (2) IMG_8217
  IMG_8219 (2) IMG_8386
Your turn!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Top 25

I saw this on Ms. Random’s blog and thought it would be fun to see what my top songs are…what are yours?

Top Played

Ironically, I wouldn’t consider most of these songs my current favorites, I think it’s just that most of them have been in my Itunes library longer than my “new” favorites :-)

*Oh, and why I have 27 top songs instead of 25 like a normal person would- my last three were tied!*

Ramsey Update!

First of all, I’ve been doing a pretty good job staying on my budget this month- after December and January’s budgets both going kaput, I wasn’t sure how this month would go. I did completely forget that two of my immediate family members had birthdays this month (Bethany FAIL!) but was still able to buy them gifts by rearranging some things on my budget. Even though we’re about halfway through the month, I only have a week left until March’s paycheck will take over.

Secondly, I paid off another credit card!!!!

I updated my information to the right- you might notice I didn't pay off the next lowest debt but jumped to the next to last one. The reasoning behind that move, that Dave Ramsey probably wouldn't agree with, is that the 3rd debt on the list is to my family- that's an interest free debt that I'll pay off after the credit cards and before the school debt. The 4th one on the list is another credit card debt, but it's interest free until October 2010. The debt I paid off was only interest free until next month. I'm not sure what Dave Ramsey would do in my situation, but that's how I choose! Haha!!

Hope you all have a great President's Day!

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver: The Olympic City

IMG_0441 (2)

The 2010 Winter Olympics started last night! I haven’t had a chance to watch the Opening Ceremony yet but I have everything Olympic related recording on my DVR so hopefully I’ll get to it at some point! I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest in August/September and never posted my pictures of Vancouver, so I thought now was an appropriate time (you know, not six months ago…no, now is definitely more appropriate!) ;-)

Of course, the journey began with a trip over the border, since I was staying in Washington state-

Img_0330 (2)


British Columbus warmly welcomed us and before we knew it the city of Vancouver was right in front of us…

IMG_0332 (2)

IMG_0335 (2)

IMG_0356 (2)
IMG_0362 (2)

A random picture from the city- I really liked this building and it was a gorgeous day :)
Img_0353 (2)

We headed north away from the city, towards Whistler. We never made it that far and this is when my brother realized that his dream of working for the Olympics might be a bit too far fetched- living an hour from the border of CA/USA and adding two hours from Vancouver to Whistler doesn’t sound like a fun commute!

IMG_0375 (2)Img_0369

My brother got excited thinking he could go REALLY fast, until he realized 90 km/h is less than 60 mph. Besides, we had to watch out for the animals!

IMG_0377IMG_0379 (2)

We did manage to catch some gorgeous views before hitting Shannon Falls- a gorgeous waterfall (3rd highest in BC)

              IMG_0384 (2)
IMG_0402 (2)

Once we reached Shannon Falls, I fell in love with the tall dark woods all over again as we hiked to the falls

IMG_0417 (2)

The falls were soothing and beautiful
IMG_0405 (2)
IMG_0419 (2)

There was even a guy climbing!
IMG_0425 (2)
IMG_0431 (2)

He was REALLY high. Yikes! I put the arrow so you can actually see where he is- like I said, HIGH!
Img_0430 (2)

Although my brother was go,go,go the whole trip through Vancouver, I managed to make him pull over at one point because the view? Breathtaking!
IMG_0437 (2)

Goodbye, Vancouver, until next time!
IMG_0434 (2)