Thursday, February 04, 2010

Friday Yet?

Wow, it’s been quite the week! I’ve worked 10 hour work days the past six school days. The past two days, I was by myself for naptime and literally almost fell asleep. I go go go from about 6/7 am but at 2 pm? Zzzzz!

We’ve had a teacher out with pneumonia who was gone 4 1/2 school days and two more were diagnosed with strep. I was talking to my secretary earlier about the strep and we figured out that our school has had cases of strep EVERY week since the beginning of January. It’s hit half of the teachers and I’d say 1/4 of the students or so. I should count- but it’s a lot!

My boss has taken pity on me and the other sub (I sub the morning class and she does the afternoon after her own morning class) and told us we’re not allowed to sub tomorrow- we were both instructed to go home and rest, which truthfully I’m okay. I’m beat and would be lying if I said otherwise.

I’m heading to bed soon but wanted to leave you with a couple kid gems from this week. I love these kids!

We were at circle and I was having a hard time talking- too much going on.
Me: Aly, can you please pass out the cu-sn—ugh, I can’t even talk anymore!
Eamon: Yes, you can! Just try.

Ben was visiting our room while his parents were in a meeting. He had never been to my room before.
Me: Ben, do you like my classroom?
Ben: Yes, I do. See those stars (glow-in-the dark on the ceiling)? I love stars. Do you know I like stars and space and the planets and…
(his teachers have a nickname for him: Jupiter)


  1. Thank Goodness it is the weekend! Geez louise! you are going to get sick if you don't keep yourself rested!

    Enjoy your time off:)

  2. How sweet those comments are! Sorry you have been so overworked. I wrote about subbing this week too:)

  3. Those kids are great.


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