Saturday, February 13, 2010

Vancouver: The Olympic City

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The 2010 Winter Olympics started last night! I haven’t had a chance to watch the Opening Ceremony yet but I have everything Olympic related recording on my DVR so hopefully I’ll get to it at some point! I took a trip to the Pacific Northwest in August/September and never posted my pictures of Vancouver, so I thought now was an appropriate time (you know, not six months ago…no, now is definitely more appropriate!) ;-)

Of course, the journey began with a trip over the border, since I was staying in Washington state-

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British Columbus warmly welcomed us and before we knew it the city of Vancouver was right in front of us…

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IMG_0335 (2)

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A random picture from the city- I really liked this building and it was a gorgeous day :)
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We headed north away from the city, towards Whistler. We never made it that far and this is when my brother realized that his dream of working for the Olympics might be a bit too far fetched- living an hour from the border of CA/USA and adding two hours from Vancouver to Whistler doesn’t sound like a fun commute!

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My brother got excited thinking he could go REALLY fast, until he realized 90 km/h is less than 60 mph. Besides, we had to watch out for the animals!

IMG_0377IMG_0379 (2)

We did manage to catch some gorgeous views before hitting Shannon Falls- a gorgeous waterfall (3rd highest in BC)

              IMG_0384 (2)
IMG_0402 (2)

Once we reached Shannon Falls, I fell in love with the tall dark woods all over again as we hiked to the falls

IMG_0417 (2)

The falls were soothing and beautiful
IMG_0405 (2)
IMG_0419 (2)

There was even a guy climbing!
IMG_0425 (2)
IMG_0431 (2)

He was REALLY high. Yikes! I put the arrow so you can actually see where he is- like I said, HIGH!
Img_0430 (2)

Although my brother was go,go,go the whole trip through Vancouver, I managed to make him pull over at one point because the view? Breathtaking!
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Goodbye, Vancouver, until next time!
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  1. Awesome! The opening ceremonies were truly beautiful. I think you will be pleased. :O)

  2. I bet the weather was a lot better then :) I love watching them.

  3. Love your blog.Happy Friday Follow!


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