Wednesday, March 24, 2010

See Ya Later, Alligator!

I titled it that because, who knows, I may see an alligator while I'm gone! I'm leaving in approximately 32 hours for


I am finally excited about it, but I have SO much to do. I haven't started packing, or done laundry for that matter. I was planning on buying some food to take along, but of course I haven't made it to the store yet. I'm hoping that after babysitting tonight I can pack most of what I need, then tomorrow morning I can run by the bank/post office/ Target/ Aldi all before work sooo that I can relax tomorrow night? Hahahahaahhahahaha... yea, I know that's a lofty goal but it would be great!

I hope you all have a fantastic week! I don't plan on bringing my computer along, so I probably won't be updating at all...I'll miss ya, but will come back with lots of photos and stories to share (oh, btw did I ever tell you that I got my new camera? I ended up getting a Canon Powershot SX20 IS- so far I love it! This is what it looks like.)

I'm especially enjoying the zoom. Today when I took Bug to the park I snapped a shot of a squirrel that was quite a few feet away- I think it turned out pretty well! 

Okay, I'm off! There are lists to be made! ;-)


  1. I hope you have a really amazing time away! Hooray for Spring Break!

    Before I got my DSLR I had a camera just like that (s5is) and LOVED it. Great choice! Can't wait to see the pictures you take with it!

  2. Have a fun and safe trip! I hope you don't see any alligators :P

    I think we're getting a new camera too! Not sure which one though. Keep ya posted!

  3. I hope you have the best time ever!! Don't even think about work :)

  4. Have so much fun!!! And BE CAREFUL.

    You'll easily see what to do once in Myrtle Beach. If you can make it near BArefoot Landing for a day, it's a fun place to go. PLan to eat out there, of course, maybe do some shopping (I know how much you LOVE that! I DARE you to buy something for yourself)

  5. Have loads of fun and get a gorgeous tan, my dear! It's going to be awesome!

  6. Hope you are having a fabulous Spring Break!

  7. I hope you are having a great time! Can't wait to hear all about it.


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