Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Something's Wrong

I got a bike rack so I can bike around this spring but I'm pretty sure that even with my mad skills (aka NONE) I put my bike on wrong. It's not supposed to tilt like that, is it? It doesn't look right and I need help! What am I doing wrong!? The guy at the bike shop said to put the first bars of the bike on, that's what I did...



  1. john says....as long as the top tube (the bar that run diagonal) is securely fastened by the rack, it should be okay.

    i think it may look weird to you because it's a women's bike and we have diagonal bars where men's bikes have horizontal ones. did you drive around the block with it on? give it a try...if the bike falls off, you'll know it wasn't right...hehe. sorry...bad advise!

  2. the only thing you might want to try, if I can describe it... see how the front bike rack part is BETWEEN your bike bars? Put it UNDER the bottom of the two instead. I think that's where we put ours. Hope this makes sense.

  3. I'm no help, but I hope you make it to the trails!

  4. No clue, I say take a nap instead!!!


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