Friday, March 12, 2010


What are you up to this weekend? Will you be able to enjoy the coming of spring? It seems to have sprung here- all I know is last week at this time there was still snow EVERYWHERE and now there is none! One of my little three year old students told me that she was going to wear her "soft coat" (light jacket, that is!). 

Another kiddo funny from today- We were studying St. Patrick's Day and I was telling the kiddos about my trip to Ireland and the Blarney Stone visit I had in 2004. One of the stories we were reading said the legend of the Blarney Stone is that an old woman put a curse on the castle stone. Adam then asked me, "Are you the old lady who did the curse??!!!"  LOL!!

Anyway, have a great weekend! I'll be back later :)

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