Wednesday, March 03, 2010


Thank you all for your awesome comments & emails- you're the best! I was trying to write a password protected post about all of the work crap (sorry, but it is!) going on but couldn't get it to work- so that's why you might have "seen" a post that didn't really exist. LOL!

Basically, Jessa was in the classroom and I had left to do dishes. Two of the children had a (come to find out later, EXTREMELY small!) disagreement and one of the children began to cry (he's an emotional child and cries more than some of the other ones, but that's okay...he's THREE!). Well, instead of either just dealing with the issue in the classroom like my coworkers or I would do, she flung open my classroom door and YELLED loudly for my boss! Of course, I went rushing into the room, expecting to see a huge pool of blood or something. Jessa then said something about "left alone with ALL the children" (uh yea, duh...I was in the next room doing dishes, just call my freakin' name or send a child to get me like all the teachers do..) and took the two kids out of the room...

into ANOTHER room where two of my coworkers were having a meeting!!! 

I know. I KNOW! Sigh. One of my kid's nannies said to me today "it seems like she's always trying to cause a huge production". I guess so...but I'm so tired of it :(


  1. What a headache! At least the kid was not serioulsy hurt!

  2. There are always people in the world who cannot handle stress! She sounds like one of them!


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