Thursday, April 22, 2010

Earth Day

My co-teacher Cara, who I am blessed to work with three days a week lately, is an earthy, recycling type girl. Not that I don’t like to recycle- I do! But Cara is just more earthy than me- so she was excited for Earth Day!
One of my other co-workers had given me a recipe for making your own chalk- with eggshells- back in the fall, so I thought this week would be a great time to try it out! I saved about 4 dozen eggshells and put them into a huge bowl. The kids and I ground and ground and ground (it took a LONG time!) until the eggshells became powder.
We then took a spoonful of the powder and mixed it with a tiny bit of flour and water. Adam was excited to help with all of the mixing and was the only child who stuck around to watch the entire process happen multiple times.
I actually used my hands after Adam tried to mix it with popsicle sticks- it was just easier that way. I added a few drops of food coloring to each spoonful and rolled them into chalk. They have to dry for a few days but we are hoping to use them later this week- the kids ask to look at them every day!

A couple of weeks ago, we planted pinto beans in tiny plastic containers with cotton balls covering them. I left them in the dark coat room for about a week and some of them really began to sprout so earlier this week we planted them in cups. I was surprised at how many kids didn’t want to touch the dirt- city kids! ;)
So, that is a few ways we are celebrating Earth Day this week- how about you?


  1. Love the hands-on things!

    When my future roomie and I planted our garden, she wouldn't touch the dirt either. I was's just dirt!

  2. I am impressed! Making your own chalk? Wow. I should do that w/ A & B this summer. Maybe when YOU visit...HA!

  3. see that! you really are a kick-a$$ hobbyist - I'm glad you showed this, as I was curious

  4. I did nothing, but don't tell on me, OK? Those are really neat ideas!


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